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  1. A new look for our yard

    General Halloween
    The mermaid skeleton came! She is gorgeous!!! Rather than a typical bone color, she is kind of grayish, with a bendy tail. She'll certainly look better than our old mermaid, which was a regular Bucky type, with a homemade tail. Due to a house move, we couldn't Halloween last year, and when I...
  2. Static: Foam board insulation-how do you get the 48"x8' sheets home?

    Halloween Props
    /scratches head. I know this sounds like a stupid question (and maybe it is) but-I don't have a truck-and I have to believe that I'm not the only one;) I can't find anywhere that will deliver the foam board used to make tombstones etc for a sane price. So that makes things a little difficult...
  3. Lighting: How can I make a sign like this and have the bulbs flash in patterns?

    Halloween Props
    Image here My brother lives in a large neighborhood that gets tons of trick or treaters however his house isn't in the most high-traffic area. We decorate tons but would like to make a sign like the image I posted to put nice and tall on the roof. I plan on making the sign halloween-ey but...
  4. FINALLY finished taking it all down!

    General Halloween
    Since Halloween, we have worked long hours on every weeknight and every weekend and it's taken us until last night to take it all down and put away. There's actually still about an hour of work that needs to be done to put away the last few things, but it's finally done! We still have the...
  5. Electronic/Software: Projection mapping initial questions

    Halloween Props
    I'm thinking of doing a full projection mapping project for our house for 2019 Halloween. I used an AtmosfearFX projection into a window for 2018 and want to go bigger for 2019. My current pojector is an NEC MT1060 (2,600 lumens, native resolutipon of 1024 x 768, aspect ration of 4:3 and throw...
  6. Static: looking for a giant head!

    Halloween Props
    hey all I would love to make a roof climber like TheHogHunter did years ago. but i cant seem to find a giant head anywhere! if anybody has any leads on where to find one it would be greatly appreciated https://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/84195-skeleton-head-roof.html?highlight=
  7. halloween roof lights

    General Halloween
    im looking to add more lights to my yard this year. last year i decorated my roof with xmas lights (the old school big bulbs) and i have a bunch more that i haven't even opened. i loved the way my house look for xmas and was thinking i might take a few of the strands i have left over and buy...
  8. Prop Showcase: Slate Roof Spires

    Halloween Props
    This is just a part of our new entry for 2018, but since there are so many pieces and each one is it's own project, we wanted to share our Roof Spires. The shingles are complete. All that is left is to paint and attach the urn to the top. These will cap out at 18' in heights when completed...
  9. Static: My First Build...Haunted House

    Halloween Props
    Built this to put on the flat portico roof above my front door. Just finished it up tonight. Gotta get it up this week...running out of haunting time! :D
  10. roof decorations

    General Halloween
    Hello! This year I was planing on putting some sort of decoration on my roof. It always looks SO BORING with everything going on in the yard and nothing up their.I was thinking about a big spiderweb or some sort of lighted 'picture' everything would be flat but I was wondering If i should make...
  11. Skull lighted eyes

    All of my decorations are skulls or skeletons and I want to put red eyes in all of them. I want to be able to light them up but I don't want to physically have to turn them on and off because some of them are hanging off the roof of my house. All of my decorations are outside. Any help would...
  12. Skeletal Apocolypse

    General Halloween
    I'm working on this year's yard decorations and I could use some help. Our theme this year will be the Skeletal Apocalypse and the basic plan is to have as many skeletons as possible climbing all over the house, roof and coming our of our front yard apparently bent on gaining access to the...
  13. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  14. Static: Spiderweb Question

    Halloween Props
    Hey gang! I'm hoping to finish a giant spider this year, to sit on the roof of my covered porch. I'd like to give her a web, but I think given the size and shape of the space, I'd prefer a triangle to a full circle. The idea would be to anchor it at the roof by the spider, and stretch it out...
  15. Scored some foam...maybe

    General Halloween
    We had some bad storms roll through last night and I got a text from work informing me that part of our roof blew off (again) at the mill. The coworker who texted told me some of the foam underlayment blew off in intact 4'x4' 2" thick pieces and he was setting them aside for me. AWESOME! Only...
  16. Monster Christmas Mash

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/jzfmhciz4zbb0/monstchristmash Tracklist: A1 It's Christmas Or Us A2 Nobody Ever Asked Me To A Christmas Party A3 You Can Count On Us A4 Monster Christmas Mash A5 Creep Castle Chorus, Marching Band And Dissecting Society Medley A6a For...
  17. "Where have you been, Gym?"

    General Halloween
    Fall gets busy, since we own a haunted house. There is a definite "Lull" right after school begins, so we decided to put a new roof on the East part of the house then. We have done our own roofs before,my Wife helping a lot. This roof was in much worse condition than any other 's we have ever...
  18. "ROOF!ROOF! . Said Jim-the Dog.

    General Halloween
    Almost perfect weather this last month as I tore off the old roof and began putting down the new one. Tarps don't always keep out that much rain.. some beautiful "Roof working Days" Cool, I'm in the shade mostly (Thank you trees I didn't plant , or want.) My Wife helped a lot on the main...
  19. Mechanical: Roof top witch help

    Halloween Props
    I saw a great pin on Pinterest of a rooftop that had three life-size which is on it. Any ideas on how to create this?
  20. Roof Clips that fit this for small props?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone My roof has no gutter. But these holes at the end. Does anyone know what sort of clips (think the kind xmas lights are put on) that can fit into these or any other idea? I was going to hook up some rats on the end of the clip. I guess I could put them near the edge on the roof, but...