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  1. Halloween Props
    Started out just wanting to see how detailed I could make a corpsed skeleton, then it evolved into a corpse on a stake, then into a corpse staked on a tree branch with some severed rotting heads alongside. The corpsing was done with latex, shop towel and great stuff. There are a few other odds...
  2. Halloween Props
    I could really use some advice to save me time and aggravation. See my video first: https://youtu.be/dUAD_fsq1fA I'm having a couple challenges with the head. First, what should I do to get the head to come up more vertical? At its highest point, it is still too angled down for my taste. My...
  3. Halloween Props
    Started building my Living Tombstone inspired by Paul Kreutz. Taking a bit of a different approach. Stone is 1-1/2" pink styro with 1/4" luan ply backing. I'm using a 1/4" rod end to attach the mannequin face to the stone's backing. A 10" round piece of luan will get glued to the back of...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    So my Christmas theme is NBC and i wanted rod iron on my house well since i do not have any i made my own version with the dollar tree yard bat stakes that you get 2 for 1.00 I then painted some boards black and then i layed a set out of the yard stakes to mark holes to be drilled that i...
  5. Halloween Props
    My apologies if this design has been posted many times, I sure someone else has thought of it before. And I agree with the experts here, use a real cylinder if building an elaborate and expensive prop. My props are for a hayride, I can manually operate and reset the props. This is a single...
  6. Halloween Props
    Can anyone who owns this prop tell me how the wings fit into the box? I removed the one support rod, but I cannot remember if the other wires were just bent into the box.
  7. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is not a full build tutorial but I thought I would share a picture with dimensions of the simple linkage using a cheap 5 rpm synchronous motor. The skelly itself was a Pose-N-Stay taken apart at the pelvis. I disassembled the spine and secured a length of 3/8 threaded rod inside with epoxy...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. Really enjoying getting information from everyone. I have 2 lighted spider and web where the spider moves back and forth decorations. The spider quit moving on both of them. On one of them it looks like the motor quit. On the other one, the rod that...
  9. Halloween Props
    I measured perfectly but forgot the height of the Rod End and Clevis Mounts : - ( http://www.snydercentral.com/halloween/props/coffinman/2016Coffin.htm
  10. Halloween Props
    i wrapped 3/16 round rod around 1/2" conduit, i then used a hacksaw and cut right next to the round rod to free it.
  11. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Want to Make a Drunken Pirate (on a barrel)? Of course you do....who wouldn't? :o After seeing several drunken skeleton or pirate props on the forum I was inspired to make one of my own. However, I decided to have the one for my pirate display sitting on a rum barrel. So if you are...
  12. Halloween Props
    Post deleted
  13. General Halloween
    Every year, I try to come up with a unique idea for distributing the treats. Last year, it was a Plinko game. The year before- a spinning prize wheel. This year, I'd like to attach glow bracelets to my treat bags and have the kids hook their treats with a fishing rod. I'll probably have to...
  14. Halloween Props
    I just purchased a used Grandin Road Frankenstein monster that worked fine when I tested him but when I got home he only lit up and moaned and didn't rock from side to side . Upon further inspection , I must have jammed him a bit when strapping him into he bed of my truck. There is a threaded...
  15. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I posted this idea on a thread about PVC chain, and just tested the idea of making chain from what is called "backer rod" or "caulk saver". It is used in the construction industry to put between slabs of concrete, and caulk is applied over top. The basic idea is to wrap the stuff around a...
  16. Halloween Music
    Hello guys and Ghouls, I was wondering if anyone here might have an MP3 of the twilight zone intro with Rod Serlings dialogue (you are entering a dimension of time and space). I need it for a magic show for my Halloween party. If anyone has this and could help, please PM me....and thank you.
1-16 of 16 Results