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  1. Halloween Music
    I'm a huge fan of the holiday and the movie series so buying the soundtrack was a no-brainer for me. I just got it today and I wanted to pass along to any fellow haunters that might be interested that this soundtrack will be an excellent addition to a yard haunt or a haunted house. The whole...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have the retired Spirit Halloween Grave Digger prop and it needs some repair. 2 issues: 1) The plastic piece that holds his head in place must have broke, and I can't find anything that will repair it (his head moves side to side and tilts, so can't glue) 2) His arm is supposed to...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hi, Im Rob from San Antonio Tx. I love Halloween and especially making my own props primarily I like to make pneumatic props and sometimes static props. I love the challenge and passing on my ideas to anyone wanting to learn how its done. so Hello to all of you.
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi Rob here, want to say hi to everyone on this forum and excited to see there are many people like me who loves Halloween as much as I do.
  5. Halloween Props
    I bought this ole gal a couple years ago. Originally she was meant to be a hanging decoration. However, she makes a much better standing prop. She is 3 feet tall. Definitely not a typical Halloween witch prop. Rob
  6. Halloween Props
    Can you guess what this is?:D Rob
  7. General Halloween
    Theres an abundance of halloween movies but whose style did you prefer, John Carpenter or Rob Zombie? http://www.wickedhorror.com/features/remake-comparison-halloween-carpenter-vs-zombie/
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Hi, I am looking for the gemmy rob zombie animated Michael Myers if you have one for sale that works let me know I am in Oak Lawn Illinois.
1-8 of 9 Results