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  1. Mechanical: Asking for help on how to prevent motors from burning out

    Halloween Props
    I rely on so many of you to guide my prop builds, and this thread will be no different. This year two of my props had motors that failed, and I'm pretty sure it was our fault for asking them to do something they weren't meant to do. I'm hoping that with a bit of guidance, we can set them up...
  2. Halloween Haunted House: A Continuous Mix for the Ultimate Fright Night of Horror (De

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/ppuljy88imwq4sep78q9iqcon7duqcap Halloween Haunted House (Continuous Mixed Terror Version) Halloween FX Productions 1:03:45 2 Halloween Nightmare Halloween FX Productions 2:14 3 Halloween Haunted House Halloween FX Productions 5:20 4 Welcome to the...
  3. Other: a neighborly gift

    Halloween Props
    I was out puttering around in the cemetery yesterday afternoon when the neighbor from across the street came over carrying a huge box. He said he happened to notice I have a few decorations out (HA! I was just wondering where to put all my skeletons!) and said he had this ghoul that has been in...
  4. The Rise of the Jack O' Lantern Los Angeles

    General Halloween
    So Jazzed, Just got tickets for this event: http://therise.org/site/index -Z