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  1. Would you hand out comics on Halloween?

    General Halloween
    I write scary comics for kids (primarily ages 7 to 12), and I've been giving out copies of my comics on Halloween for years. This year, I'm planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a much larger print run of small-size, black and white editions. It's my way of testing the waters to...
  2. Electronic/Software: Safety Coffin

    Halloween Props
    I have an idea for a safety coffin which is one of those graves with the bell on top in case someone is buried alive by mistake. I am thinking about how to make the bell ring. I know there are those with more electrical knowledge so I am looking for ideas. In general I came up with a couple of...
  3. MY costume and my hubbies

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    We did a Carnevil theme. I was the twisted ring leader. He was my creepy clown! The dark black light photos are from our party on Saturday. And the well lit one is from today at work!
  4. Skull Ring Treats?

    General Halloween
    When I was a kid, I'd have been thrilled to get a metal skull ring for Trick-o-Treat - thinking it was the coolest thing ever! So I'd like to give them out for TOT this year. I'd also have full sized candy bars and treat bags as a second choice or for little ones. What would be the best way...
  5. Gotta Watch -- the "Rings" promotion of Samara climbing out of a TV in showroom

    Horror Discussion
    Gotta Watch -- the "Rings" promotion of Samara climbing out of a TV in showroom This was so well done. Obviously as a promo for the opening of the movie the "Rings" (Feb. 3) but I bet some of those people didn't sleep that night or maybe needed a change of underclothes before going home!
  6. Static: Material alternatives recommendations

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! I'm trying to make a small chandelier prop similar to the image below that I came across . Looking to keep things simple but I don't have a way to work with plywood or MDF. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative item or material that I can use and easily cut to size...
  7. Static: THE RING - Samara prop

    Halloween Props
    Wanted to try a static Samara prop....digging how she looks. Big thanks to GhostRide Studios for the arms. Great customer service/speed/quality!!
  8. Koji Suzuki

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Has anyone read Koji Suzuki's Ring series? I loved both the Japanese and American versions, so I decided to read the books that started it all. Finished the series in about 6 months (I couldn't put them down!). Has anyone else read works by "the Japanese Stephen King?" What did you think?
  9. Cheap Light Cans Build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So I went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up a couple of those $5 spotlight sockets you stake in the yard. Low and behold they have a new kind I'd never seen before, and they're only $2 each. They only had four of them, so I got all four, but will be going back for more when they get them. Not...
  10. Static: Ring Finger Toss Game

    Halloween Props
    Made this game for my carnival, it is a ring toss game with fingers as the targets. Sorry for the poor photo quality, not sure why they turned out so dim.