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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $400 plus shipping (I really don't want to get rid of but I have never displayed him and I am downsizing). He has some issues. I got three years ago from original owner, but he did not take care of his props. I tossed the box as it had some mildew. I washed all his clothes and hot-glued his...
  2. Member Introduction
    Just a quick hello to all. I have been very busy the last two years ( wow TWO YEARS) and have not had much time to dedicate to my love of Halloween. Still set up But now , new house, new nieghBOOHOOD and looking for new ideas. Even had to get rid of some much loved props due to lack of space...
  3. General Halloween
    Once upon a time it was very easy for me to know what I had when it came to Halloween. I only had a handful of things and it all fit in a few totes that go stashed in the basement. Now I've taken over two closets, a large chunk of a bedroom, and a corner of the basement that keeps creeping...
  4. General Halloween
    Hey all, It's been many years and I just haven't been into it lately. I'm moving to Texas and have quite a bit of gear to get rid of. If you live in Colorado and want it, you're more than welcome to it. I live in Parker and it will go to first come first serve. No I will not be posting a...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have lots of Halloween items for sell . Each year we have bought made and created many Halloween items. We are no longer able to set things up as we would like, because of health reasons we have many props although we have already gotten rid of many items. If interested please contact me. We...
  6. General Halloween
    UGH! Ok, so I'm still setting up my interior décor. Just started on Monday because we were out of the country for two weeks. Now, it's a mad rush!! And, then on to the outdoor stuff... Anyway, in pulling my décor out, I'm really realizing how much stuff I have and how I have absolutely no room...
  7. General Halloween
    I was at a business nearby when I spotted these old upright pianos sitting outside of a business. I went over to inspect then talk with the guys in the building. I asked them what they were doing with them and that they would make cool halloween props. They told me I could take them get rid of...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    In perfect condition, this GR Skeleton Poncho can be yours for $20, plus USPS Priority Mail shipping. Since we're moving to way past the point where they play banjos (think Deliverance), I'm getting rid of most of the Halloween stuff. No TOTers, no need for costumes! PM me if you're interested.
  9. Halloween Props
    I've built a 9ft pumpkin man out of 2 inch pvc pipe. I wrapped the pipe with pipe insulation to break up its lines and look like vines, but it still looks like pipe. Outside of sanding the pipe down and texturing it with epoxy putty I can't think of what to do to get rid of the pipe look. Any ideas?
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our 216 Witches Ball was Friday night, an awesome time. We had between 55-60 attending and some fantastic costumes....... and I am slowly putting stuff away now. I although in many of the years past, around Wednesday the week before the party, I would tell myself, exhausted, "this is it...
  11. Wanted to Buy
    Anyone have the buttons they want to get rid of? Cant find them anywhere........ Thanks! Cory
  12. Halloween Props
    Holy buckets!! I met a nice young lady through Craig's List (she bought the glass tabletop that I was using on my toe pincher that was also sold) who mentioned that her cousin owns a casket company near me. I asked if her cousin ever had any scratch & dents that she wanted to get rid of and...
  13. Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking to purchase a fully assembled animated skull. Does anyone have one they are looking to part with? I've been looking at the Scary Terry ones, but not sure which one to buy and thought I would see if someone has one they are looking to get rid of. Thanks.
  14. General Halloween
    Wondering what everyone's "philosophy" is on Halloween purchases. Do you pretty much keep everything you buy/make and just amass a huge collection of stuff? Do you periodically thin things out and sell what you don't want or no longer use? Do you buy things with the thought of resale in the back...
  15. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Now that 2015 Halloween is over time to think about 2016. Going for a Zombie Apocalypse. If anyone on here is getting rid of zombie related props please let me know. I am located in northern VA.
  16. Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone. I am looking for zombie props. Theme for 2016 is zombie apocalypse. If you are getting rid of props and need a home please message me.
  17. Wanted to Buy
    I collect books about Halloween, and also editions of magazines that come out during fall & Halloween. If you have any you want to sell or just get rid of, let me know what you've got, how much you want for it, or if you want help with shipping. Thanks!
  18. Wanted to Buy
    Hi guys If anyone has one of these they want to get rid of or know where to get one could you please please let me know? TIA Sherrie
1-18 of 23 Results