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  1. Custom Halloween T-Shirt

    General Halloween
    I'm thinking about creating a custom t-shirt to wear year round. I'm thinking it would show skeleton ribs and a Jack-O-Lantern instead of a heart. What do you guys think and do you have any ideas to add to it.
  2. Prop Showcase: My first witch prop

    Halloween Props
    This year I am making 3 witches that will be standing around a giant cauldron. It's my first attempt at paper maching anything human like. Thanks to all the great inspiration here I was able to turn out something passable. Still have to paint these, but here is my first witch's head and hands...
  3. Prop Showcase: Static Corpse Props

    Halloween Props
    I have always been a fan of "pumpkinrot's" work. His 2015 display especially fascinated me and I have been planning on making my version of his staked copse's for a while. So here are a few pics for your consideration. The spines are made of bent pvc, ribs are 10/2 romex and the sculls are...
  4. Dementors

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I can't force myself to stick to a theme - maybe it's because I'm still pretty new at Halloween prop building and I want to try every cool idea I see. But If i were going to pick a Theme, Harry Potter would be at the top of the list. There may be some purists out there who disapprove of me...
  5. Static: Haunted Tree

    Halloween Props
    With just over two weeks until Halloween I decided to take on a new project. Here are the first pictures of my haunted tree. Still needs a little paint but I think it's coming along quite nicely. I was thinking black for shadows, and green and brown to highlight the ribs. Maybe a little...
  6. Static: Flame Tombstone Base

    Halloween Props
    To try something different, I wanted to start building tombstones with larger bases, then eventually obelisks and bigger monuments. Last month I finished a large workbench in my garage just for Halloween projects, so I'm finally making some progress. ;) So I came across some styrofoam packing...
  7. How i make my Paper Mache Ribs

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Video shows how i do it
  8. Static: My pumpkinrot sentinel

    Halloween Props
    Well its a work in progress. not sure how to proceed with the arms i made of branches. i figure I'll shred the burlap a bit. I want to add corn stalks to the base when they are available. maybe a bit more of those thin branch like stuff in front I got from michaels. I tried the plastic...
  9. Static: How can I build this?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made anything like this? I am wanting to do something similar next year on the front of my tent. I want it to be either a creepy clown or skull that the TOTs have to walk threw to get in. I have been looking around the forum but not use what key words to search. Any ideas on how...
  10. corrugated cardboard ribs

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    after reading all the ways you could make ribs i came across some corrugated cardboard so i said why not lets try it so here it is, the only thing i didnt do was to reinforce the ribs which made the ribs collapse when i applied the paper mache but it eded kind of a decadent look which i kinda...
  11. Prop Showcase: Realistic Rib Cages in 15 minutes

    Halloween Props
    This is my second Post here. Thanks to all that read, learn and share! So here is the scenario. You have made a corpse of some kind with stuffing, a rigid frame or whatever. You used a store bought, bucky or styro carved (which most of mine are head but you want to have the rib cage revealed...