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  1. Halloween Props
    I just started a project for a haunt scene I will be putting together in August. I need two skeleton wall sconces, and am attempting to make them from scratch. I have more pictures of the progress on my blog, They are basically wire, foam, masking tape and cardboard so far.... (my pictures...
    How do you make a corpsed rib cage that you can wear with your costume? And that will match the mask you are wearing. Heres the mask i would wear for the rib cage. Any ideas?
  3. Halloween Props
    This is my second Post here. Thanks to all that read, learn and share! So here is the scenario. You have made a corpse of some kind with stuffing, a rigid frame or whatever. You used a store bought, bucky or styro carved (which most of mine are head but you want to have the rib cage revealed...
1-3 of 3 Results