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rib cage

  1. Static: W.I.P. Skelly Sconces

    Halloween Props
    I just started a project for a haunt scene I will be putting together in August. I need two skeleton wall sconces, and am attempting to make them from scratch. I have more pictures of the progress on my blog, They are basically wire, foam, masking tape and cardboard so far.... (my pictures...
  2. Corpsed Rib Cage

    How do you make a corpsed rib cage that you can wear with your costume? And that will match the mask you are wearing. Heres the mask i would wear for the rib cage. Any ideas?
  3. Prop Showcase: Realistic Rib Cages in 15 minutes

    Halloween Props
    This is my second Post here. Thanks to all that read, learn and share! So here is the scenario. You have made a corpse of some kind with stuffing, a rigid frame or whatever. You used a store bought, bucky or styro carved (which most of mine are head but you want to have the rib cage revealed...