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  1. Thoughts about Chinese LED PAR's

    General Halloween
    I've been looking at LED PAR lights on Ali Express, and I'd like to hear about people's experiences with these lights. I'd like to get some RGB LED lights I can control with DMX. Of course, for the price, I don't expect professional quality lights that can handle rough transportation, they will...
  2. Light up suit ideas?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I was just realizing that it's almost Halloween and I don't have a costume even thought up yet. I'm thinking I want to do something like a black bodysuit with led strip lights all over. But, having trouble finding things for it. I'm thinking I could do a rgb strip light like this...
  3. Great deal on 10W RGB Floods

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    10W LED RGB weatherproof Flood Lights with memory on Amazon for $6.39 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077GCG6RC?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_457490_364317200
  4. New in Raleigh, NC: Nerd- likes to mix computer generated effects,music, etc (video)

    Member Introduction
    Been building over time, all started with halloween and that carried over to xmas as well. I do a synchronized show with music, lights, effects. Right now Im up to 11,000 discrete channels of AC, DMX and RGB stuff. Halloween is much smaller than XMAS- more like 2,000 channels. Here's a quick vid:
  5. Local, WiFi-based color picker?

    Halloween Props
    Executive summary: run a simple, safe, local WiFi solution for broadcasting a color picker. I'd think this thread would help a huge group on this forum. You're driving by my display, and you see a sign that says "Pick a color..." and you can bring up a color picker on your device to choose...
  6. Lighting: DIY Flood Lights $8

    Halloween Props
    I've been looking for a cost effective way to light my grave yard and incorporate it with the rest of my light show. I just finished assembling 2 10W RGB LED flood lights, total cost for the build was $8 each and some soldering. Special thanks to RobG over at http://www.diychristmas.org for...
  7. RGB lights and df robot ssc 32 contrlor

    Halloween Props
    Hi to all happy Halloween I am trying to use some RGB lights to this controller it's a DF Robot SSC 32 it says to put it in relay mode put I don't see how you do this l don't want to do something wrong and what do they mean by low pin & high pin state? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Bob
  8. Lighting: Question about RGB bulbs

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have any experience with these types of LED RGB bulbs? If so, can you tell me how they look for lighting props. Are the colors vibrant or kind of washed out? Also, how is the brightness? Most I find seem to be 3 Watts. Are 3 Watt RGB LEDs bright enough? How does a 3 Watt LED compare...
  9. Lighting: Cheap 3W RGB Spot Lights

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone been using these cheap Chinese 3W RGB spot lights? How did they hold up? I bought a few of them and plan to try them in this holder I found at Big Lots for $4. The lights fit in the fixture very, very, snug and would think will keep the weather at bay. I figured for $8.xx total...
  10. Lighting: Looking for Help with LED Lighting

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, looking for some advice with LED landscape lighting. I see 12V and 120V. The 12 doesn't appear to have many options in watts, but how many watts are needed? Seems like you might have more control with more lights lower wattage, but if you need a longer throw or are competing against...
  11. Lighting: Pixel Matrix Fence?

    Halloween Props
    I am considering adding RGB controlled black strips to my Halloween fence. Cutting the strips at 2' - 3' long and attaching them vertically on each post (pvc pipe). Has anyone done this? Thoughts on a matrix (of sorts, i.e. scrolling words, etc.). I saw a post on the Christmas site and planned...
  12. Prop Showcase: KludgeGuru 2014 Skeleton Quartet

    Halloween Props
    I built these 3-Axis skulls in 2009 and put them on pillars as I couldn't afford the full Skeletons at the time. Here is the original post (the server that hosted the images is no longer up but the links to the YouTube videos are still there)...
  13. Help with RGB Inky and Blinky costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi everyone, I would really love to make my 2 kids an Inky and Blinky (Pac man ghosts) costume using RGB lighting. Ideally, they would be full length, with game sound effects and change from their ghost color to that purplish hue - you know,when Pac man can gobble them? I have never used RGB in...
  14. Graveyard Light Show - 2014

    General Halloween
    Finally finished a video for this year's display (switch it to HD). Have some other songs recorded but need to edit the vids. Located in Frisco, TX. PM me if you'd like the address. Happy Halloween! Elements: -Axworthy with 7 Ghosts -Flying Crank Ghost -RGB Tombstones with 54 DMX channels...
  15. Lighting: Our RGB LED lighting setup

    Halloween Props
    In the past, we have used LED spotlights for the majority of the lighting in our haunt. This year I used RGB LED modules with controllers to get more control over the lighting. Just thought I would share a video showing the setup if anyone is interested. It has been working out great so far! :)
  16. Lighting: RGB Tombstones - Munsters Test

    Halloween Props
    Testing my Munsters sequence with my new RGB Tombstones. I'll start setting up the graveyard tomorrow, but took a quick video while testing sequences and lighting tonight. These are Holidaycoro tombstones with 2 x 30-node RGB strings in each - one for the outline and one for "RIP". Sequenced...
  17. Lighting: Mobile RGB LED Lights

    Halloween Props
    Fellow Haunters: Has anyone found an inexpensive, mobile friendly (no wires) source for RGB LED lights? I want to add lighting in several areas of my haunt and won't know exactly what color or light intensity I need until I experiment. Ideally I would like a mobile, battery powered...