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  1. New Sam Haynes Halloween Abient and EDM music videos and more Happy Halloween 2018

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone :D I have just released a full album of new halloween music for Halloween 2018 I'm very proud of this new release - it is half orchestral Haunt music and half queue music / electronic you can check some of it out on youtube below or stream the full CD on bandcamp - hope you enjoy...
  2. Halloween Party mix - Retro and Current "halloween" songs - on Spotify!

    Halloween Music
    Here's my 130+ song Spotify playlist for all things Halloween. I did a lot of digging and found a lot of great stuff from the 40's onward. This is great when you're tired of Thriller and Monster Mash all night (well those are included, lol)...
  3. Retro Halloween Decor new products for 2018

    For Sale By Merchants
    RetroHalloweenDecor.com Check out the new product line for 2018! Like us on Facebook. ** Sold out products will be available on September 15th.
  4. Hello from Retro Halloween Decor

    Member Introduction
    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello- I know I will feel right at home with other people who are planning for Halloween in June! Retro Halloween Decor.com is my site that just launched. Please join us as we take a step back and bring the fun, imagination and mystery back in Halloween...
  5. Retro Halloween Decor

    For Sale By Merchants
    Retro Halloween Decor Please join us as we take a step back and bring the fun, imagination and mystery back in Halloween. The Haunted Halloween Village set is a perfect addition to any collection and is an item you are sure to cherish for many Halloween moons to come. The "Catacomb Collection"...
  6. Halloween and the retro revival

    General Halloween
    Everyone knows by now, that discontinued foods from restaurants and retail are coming back left and right. They're bringing back countless franchises in movies and TV shows. Even other old ways are coming back, such as DIY, makers, and crafting. I wonder if retro will eventually turn up in...
  7. Static: Really cool retro frankenstein head

    Halloween Props
    This is a retro looking giant heavy light up glenn strange frankenstein head available in supermarkets across the u.s. The catch is its in different stores depending on where you are in america. In new jersey its at acme stores.
  8. Black Raven Hollow is now open!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey everybody, I posted here a few months ago to say I was considering opening an Etsy shop with handmade Halloween paper goods and decor. Well I'm pleased to say I have decided to launch for the 2014 season! I still have a lot of product to add, but wanted to start getting the word out now...
  9. Retro kitsch halloween WEDDING!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My fiancee and I are getting married next Halloween..however, lots of spending will be happening this Halloween season for next season. Instead of an all out Halloween wedding, we are wanting it more of like a retro Halloween party. Lots of decorations that are heavily inspired from the 40s-50s...
  10. retro style design dishes

    General Halloween
    My sister just got some dishes with designs that make me think or the '30's or '40's at Pottery Barn Kids. They had place mats, plates, glasses, maybe more. there were four designs: Jacko'lanterns, skeleton and raven with tree, witch, and one other I don't recall. she said they were on sale so...
  11. "Old School" Halloween Music

    Halloween Music
    Halloweiner got me hip to Kaye Starr's version of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which has all the nostalgia of Bing's version, but with a female lead singer and an extra verse. Very cool. Here's his link: Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Kay Starr I have also recently discovered The Moon-Rays, who...