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  1. Mechanical: Spirit Halloween Grave Digger Repair

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have the retired Spirit Halloween Grave Digger prop and it needs some repair. 2 issues: 1) The plastic piece that holds his head in place must have broke, and I can't find anything that will repair it (his head moves side to side and tilts, so can't glue) 2) His arm is supposed to...
  2. Hello From Central PA

    Member Introduction
    Greetings - It's good to be back in to Halloween! I was a member forums back in the mid-90's when they were still "bulletin boards" and when the FCG and air-operated effects were just beginning. I ran a major haunt in my neighborhood and VFD...when I lived in the city Well...life got in the...
  3. "How Old Are You?"

    General Halloween
    Do people and total strangers ask you this in October? I hope they ask you this because YOU are having So much FUN! Laughing out loud! Making others scream.(This is when I hear this question) My "stock" reply: "Want to know how old I am? Just cut off my head, and count the rings!" I actually...
  4. Spooky town!! Most damaged

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
  5. Crime Scene Quotes-An update

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Sorry, not restarting the ole CSQ thread but I thought I would update some of you on what has been going on recently. We got a new person assigned to us about a year ago and she is working out great. P2 got assigned to another division so he is now gone. We got another person assigned to us...
  6. Hello everyone

    Member Introduction
    My name is cardcltr and I am glad to be part of your forum. I am retired and a professional magician.