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  1. Do online retailers put larger items on sale after Halloween or throughout the year?

    General Halloween
    I am looking to pick up some larger animatronic props and I thought online retailers like Spirit or Frightprops might have good sales right after Halloween. Does anyone know if these types of retailers have periods when they mark down larger props throughout the year?
  2. Retailers Closing Stores....

    General Halloween
    I've been reading about the different retailers that are going bankrupt, or closing storefronts. Feeling a little worried that they will cut back on halloween merchandise, despite halloween spending increasing last year. I do my fair share of online shopping, but nothing beats the feeling of...
  3. Other: AtmosFX WindowFX Digital Decorating Kit

    Halloween Props
    I know I've seen a few mentions of people who have pre-ordered the WindowFX digital decorating kit. According to AtmosFX it is now sold out for the season but they give a list of retailers who carry it. I just ordered mine from Hammacher Schlemmer yesterday and wanted to let everyone know that...
  4. UK stores stocking Halloween goods.

    General Halloween
    Hi guys, I couldn't see if the usual 'UK retailers' post had been started yet, so thought I'd get stuck in. Here's some news on what Asda will have this year: http://halloweenerrific.co.uk/halloween-decorations/asda-halloween-2013-sneak-preview Would be interested to hear if anyone has news...