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  1. Spirirt has no spirit.

    General Halloween
    A month or so ago I asked a sales person at the local Spirit if I could put up a flyer looking for haunt volunteers. She said OK . Came back last week after no response and was told District manager said Take it down. So I said "I guess Spirit wants our money but doesn't want to support the...
  2. First year party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey everyone, I wanted to open up a thread for my first party where I can ask questions to all of you experienced party goers and hosts. I’ve been threatening to have a party for the last few years but it has never actualized for various reasons. This year I have everything in place and already...
  3. 502 errors and SLOW

    Site Issues and Feedback
    The last 24 hours or so I've gotten random 502 bad gateway errors. Not every time, but enough to mention here at this point. Also since the move to the cloud servers, I've noticed the forum itself slow to connect, timing out and sometimes getting a "server too busy" response with increasing...
  4. RE: Police Response to Halloween thieves

    General Halloween
    RE: Police Response to Halloween thieves Depending on where you live, you may not get any help from police if your decorations are stolen or worse. In nearly twenty years of Halloween yard haunting here, we have contacted the police twice. The first time, we surprised would-be thieves as we...
  5. Friday the 13th - The Game

    Anyone get this for the PS4 or XBoxOne? Not a perfect rollout but I don't think they were expecting such a response. So much fun wandering Camp Crystal Lake getting hunted by Jason...wow!!!
  6. window creeps

    Merchant Reviews
    i purchased the video from http://www.themightymicroscope.com/windowcreeps/ several years ago ... well i couldn't find it on any of my computers :-( so i emailed the paypal address i used to purchase and asked if they would be able to re-send me a new download link, as the original was no longer...
  7. Some people

    Haunted Humor
    A family member posted this little piece of Halloween info the other day. I about died. I tried to be as kind as possible with my correction in the comments. I didn't want to be mean, although other people certainly were very mean in their response. But seriously! Forget zombies, witches...
  8. AtmosFX

    Merchant Reviews
    Anyone else having trouble with these guys?? I ordered $150.00 worth of stuff ( order # 11458 ) two weeks ago, sent them an email and didn't get a response or a tracking number, yes I checked my spam box. I'm getting a little concerned at this point.:o
  9. HauntX help please

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I signed up and paid for a friend and I to go to HauntX. That friend can no longer go, so I sent an email to HauntX asking them to change the name (my other friend wants to go) and did not receive a response. I emailed again 2 or 3 weeks later and still have not received a response. Any ideas...
  10. Heads up about Gore Galore.com

    Halloween Music
    Order there digital sound Fx for graveyard and got the wrong links to some mascaraed music. So I e-mailed them and now waiting to get a response to see if I can get the right audio from them hopefully I wont have to claim with paypal. To be continued