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  1. Halloween Props
    So, for better or worse, I’m going with Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation’s take over of my house. I’ve created plastic sheets which hang over my large windows and garage door with spray painted Umbrella Corp logos. “Zombie Research Facility” sign over the garage door, with a yellow...
  2. Halloween Props
    You guessed it, zombies. I enjoy building decent sized props and adult parties and this year it's going to be a mash-up of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. For this year, props will include: Front yard: 1. Crashed truck onto the front lawn, killing a zombie with dead driver. (red random...
  3. Halloween Props
    I set up a zombie diorama in my garage for trick or treaters to walk in and view. I tried to hide most of our garage "junk" under tarps on the wall. But I still had the big garbage can and no place to put it. A quick, cheap fix was to make it part of the zombie decor. Achieved with just a...
1-3 of 3 Results