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  1. Wanted to Buy
    Hello I research Horse zombie For a send in France can you help me ? Thanks you
  2. General Halloween
    I'm working on some things to add to my Halloween web site and even after much research I'm not having much luck, have any of you come across any information on when Haunters started bringing cemeteries into their Halloween displays, how that got started? When it came about was it started by a...
  3. General Halloween
    A few photos of our Zombie Research Facility props. I have no idea why these photos are sideways, nor do I know how to fix them.
  4. General Halloween
    I'm not even gonna get the post-Halloween Blues, because now I can finally officially start my plans! This coming year's theme is a lab again, this time with monster plants as the main attraction. Because I'm planning on dressing as a version of Poison Ivy, and my husband is probably dressing as...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hello all. Thought I would sign up to spread a bit of knowledge and gain some on the fascination of the tradition. As I recall the first time I went Trick-or-Treating was 1969 and only for a couple of years, maybe a total of 4 times and never with parents in tow. We use to stay up very late...
1-5 of 6 Results