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  1. Halloween Props
    I am making some potions and wanted to use like an old soy sauce bottle. I removed the sticker off but it leaves that glue behind. Anyone have any good tips to remove that glue off?
  2. Halloween Props
    On an earlier thread I asked if anyone knew how to make the sound activated Spirt Halloween Graveyard Lanterns stay constantly lit instead of the momenary light after being activated by sound. A few replies, but nothing concrete on how to do it, so I decided to take it apart myself and see what...
  3. Halloween Props
    This is a medium sized, rubber spider that is resting on a hidden air solenoid nozzle. When the victim presses a button on the control panel, the solenoid is activated and shoots the spider towards them. It’s about 90 psi, from a small air compressor. Added effect: place a glass dome lid...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi All, One of my big concerns in building props is being able to store them for next year. While I have a decent size house - my decorations tend to be big - the bigger the better. This year I am building a new fence and gate and wanted to make some cool pillars. I work in the sign and...
  5. General Halloween
    I have a couple hundred feet of cords I need to tack to lawn to prevent most tripping (I don't intend for people to be walking over them, but still). I need to put down scores of things that are both easy to install and remove, and ideally won't stab someone or wreck my lawnmower if I miss some...
  6. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    We are cleaning out the crypt!! All in stock masks are 40-55% OFF!! http://www.brotherscrypt.com/AFTER-HALLOWEEN-SALE_c_101.html We have limited numbers of each mask so they might be gone quickly. We will remove them once they are sold out. I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween Thanks
  7. General Halloween
    Okay — I didn't see this in a search of the forums, so I thought I'd pose the question: Is there something you wouldn't miss from Halloween if it went away for good? There is no limit on the subject matter. It can be anything from jack-o-lanterns to the Monster Mash.
1-7 of 14 Results