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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, We have one of those cheap drop spiders that drop down when you clap right over our door and would really like to be able to trigger it remotely. Is there a specific sound or device that would allow you to do that?
  2. Halloween Props
    I want to put about 20 carved foam pumpkins on the stairs in front of our house but I don't want to mess with turning on and off those little battery powered puck lights in each and every one every night for a month. In the past, I've put a string of tiny orange lights in a mason jar inside each...
  3. Halloween Music
    I do listen to the Halloween Radio here, but I also listen to a Halloween station on Pandora. But what happened?! Before Halloween of this year, my station consisted solely of old school Halloween jams (Monster Mash, Flying Purple People Eater, Thriller, etc.). Since this Halloween, all that...
1-3 of 4 Results