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  1. We are going live!

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Dear Community Members, Today is the migration day! We are almost at the starting line and really excited for you to experience the new community platform. As a reminder, the site will be put into maintenance and read only mode while the migration is underway until completion. We will post a...
  2. Reminder!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    As we approach this next weekend, I'm sure there will be quite a few parties going on........just a reminder here to make sure you gets pictures to post here for us of your food tables!
  3. First Haunted House of the 2016 season

    General Halloween
    We went for dinner near the Almaden Shopping Center in San Jose, CA, tonight and near the Sears/Target parking lot area (Blossom Hill Road and Santa Teresa), there's a huge white tent set up that says Haunted House on it. Didn't have time to check out but a reminder how fast Halloween is coming...
  4. Face/Off Season 9

    Horror Discussion
    Just a reminder to everyone that the new season of Face/Off starts this Tuesday at 9:00! http://www.syfy.com/faceoff