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  1. Spooky Moviefest 2018

    Horror Discussion
    http://www.spookyfest.com/ October 4-7, AFI Silver Theatre in downtown Silver Spring, MD (a fabulous theatre too). Opening night event: DON COSCARELLI PRESENTS PHANTASM: REMASTERED The 13th annual Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival showcases the best in new horror cinema from...
  2. Disney's Haunted Mansion — Remastered for CD!

    Halloween Music
    Was just doing my regular hunt through eBay for Haunted Mansion memorabilia, and came across this: Disney Haunted Mansion 1969 Souvenir Music Photo CD NEW From the seller: "This is a brand new Disney Park Exclusive Haunted Mansion 1969 souvenir CD. This is the album that was available as...