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  1. Do you have spouse support on your Halloween Addiction??!!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    While I'm waiting for my glue to dry on my newest creations I thought I'd ask how everyone's spouses feel about your love for the holiday..... I have 3 boys...16, 10, 8....and have been married for 15 years....I have always went over the top for holiday decorating inside and out for all...
  2. Static: Old basketball still has life

    Halloween Props
    This year I am pulling double duty I got my regular haunted house for the 31st but a treat this year my sister is celebrating her birthday and asked me for help decorating as she puts it I am a freak and who better to help decorate. For weeks and weeks have been looking at this old nasty worn...
  3. Kids Repurpose Baby Food/Other Jars for Cute Candy Favors!

    Halloween Crafts
    Nothing crazy here but I thought they were cute! I have lots of baby food jars left from daughter #1 and about to have lots more from daughter #2. =)
  4. Orange, Black and GREEN???

    General Halloween
    Out of curiosity, what are some "recycled" items you've used or frequently use in your prop building and/or decorating? (e.g., milk jug for head structure) Every time I look at a unique thingamajig or container, I wonder what it could be used to create . . .