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  1. Static: Want to convert snowman into pumpkin monster. need ideas

    Halloween Props
    Hello. So every year I grab more and more of those lighted pumpkins to the point where I have a good sized pumpkin patch that the kids really like. Time to make it a little evil and scary by combining it with my graveyard stuff. I wanted to add this from Home Depot but I didn't see it until...
  2. www.HalloweenSupplyUSA.com - AVOID

    Merchant Reviews
    Very poor, very disappointing experience with www.halloweensupplyusa.com. On October 7th we ordered a Skull Trooper Halloween Costume for my 11 year old son. My son is one of the many Fortnite video game addicts in this age group. If he was allowed to, he would spend 24/7 playing. He loves...
  3. Electronic/Software: FM transmitter for UK, are they legal if so what do you recommend

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I'm toying with the idea of projecting onto my house for Halloween 2019, I would like to also have sound. I'm wondering whether I could have speakers (on low volume) for ToTs and an FM transmitter for people driving by. Firstly, are FM transmitters (for what I want to do) legal in the UK...
  4. Mechanical: Fake flesh/skin

    Halloween Props
    Hi all. Just picked up the used animatronic shown in the picture. I wanted to make it appear as if the baby's throat was ripped open (where it is already torn and paint peeling off). I also wanted to add some flesh hanging from lady's mouth to make it look as if she was the one who had...
  5. Facebook Pages & Podcasts

    General Halloween
    I was just curious what Halloween/Horror/Creepy Facebook Pages & Podcasts people LIKE and listen too. I'm really looking for a new podcast to listen to at work and I just re-purposed my facebook page (signature) and thought it was worth mentioning. My podcast recommendations: Alone in the...
  6. Distressing overalls

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I am going to dress as a scarecrow this year. I picked up a real old farmers scythe from the flea market and I have a GrimStitchFactory mask. I cannot find overalls used anywhere, I have been looking for 6 weeks. I am going to be forced to go to a Tractor Supply store this weekend and buy...
  7. Questions about those window crasher ghosts?

    General Halloween
    I just came across these and looking to get one. Are there any specific brands you recommend? I see some for $10 then up to $80. Is there really a difference? I'm thinking of just buying a stuffed ghost, slice it in half and add a magnet to the bottom and stick it to the outside of the window...
  8. Electronic/Software: Projectors

    Halloween Props
    I want to use a computer projection in my Halloween display. Does anyone have experience with this in any form? Can someone recommend a device/projector which works well with a fair degree of ambient light?
  9. Who all is going to Transworld 2018 ?

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    My husband and I are attending our first ever Transworld convention ever this year. Already have hotel rooms booked and registered with the convention. We have both worked our local haunt for the last 5 years but I have been progressively been putting more and more time in to character...
  10. Eyeball Question

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm about to use the last of a dozen pairs of these I've had for years. Foam filled latex from an Ebay seller delivered in the bag with crime scene tape. I'm not finding them now. Anybody know if they are still available or maybe recommend an alternate? I hate to use my last 2 pair until I can...
  11. Saran Wrap ball game

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Played this last year for Christmas had so much fun decided to do it again for Halloween. Will do a ball for kids and adults. Totally recommend it!
  12. Spider HIll Prop Works

    Merchant Reviews
    Received my CPT-2 yesterday, I had to idea the wife was getting it for me for my birthday. Overall quality is top notch, smooth construction, 100% PLUG AND PLAY. Highly recommend this to anyone who needs the "Leering Skeleton" or any prop you need to sway back and fourth.
  13. Need some vehicular advice.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    My son had his first accident last week (why I've been a little absent). He's fine and all, but I'm now in the market of a new car for 2 teenage boys to be driving... We liked the above aztec for it being AWD for our winters, handling like a car, but being a little bigger in case of said...
  14. Static: "Halloween Favorites in Plastic" by Charlene Pinkerton...and other blowmold resources

    Halloween Props
    "Halloween Favorites in Plastic" by Charlene Pinkerton...and other blowmold resources I've been looking for a good resource guide (book, website or anything) to help me learn some simple background info on the items in my vintage blowmold collection. Just looking for some basic information...
  15. Painting What kind of paint or makeup should I use on a latex mask?

    Halloween Crafts
    I am hoping to add some fake blood to a latex mask. Can anyone recommend something please? Thanks for reading,
  16. Spirit LED spotlights?

    General Halloween
    I posted a previous thread about tombstone lighting ideas, but I was browsing spirits website and they have colored LED spotlights that stake in the ground for about $30. I was wondering if anyone has tried these? Would you recommend? How bright are they? Do they last in unpredictable weather?
  17. Electronic/Software: UK Projector: Please recommend features and/or units that are available in UK

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I’m based in the UK, and as you know we don’t have the choice of Halloween stuff that is available across the pond in the USA. I’m looking to upgrade my Halloween display by the use of projectors. I have no projector at the moment but I would like the projectors to be as multipurpose as...
  18. Static: Paint advice

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone. This is probably a stupid question but some prop tutorials I have seen have listed latex paint as a requirement. I am not sure what this is. I live in Uk so maybe it is called something else over here? Could anyone recommend a type of paint if its not against the rules? Thanks
  19. Static: toxic zombie head

    Halloween Props
    Just got this amazing head from camerafx he makes the life size Twisty the clown props I have one of those as well :) I love the detail on this one and the eyes make it seem so real. I was thinking of making him animated with one of those spiderhill swaying zombie kits I own one of those...
  20. Ghostbuilders Flying Crank Ghosts

    Halloween Props
    Hi all- I stumbled upon this website today and love the Christine ghost. Does anyone here have one of these crank ghosts? I don't know that my little wispy tree can hold her and am looking for some feedback on the product and hanging if you have any experience. Also, they recommend using a...