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    can you believe it? it is almost time again for the main reaper, I will be starting the sign ups in a couple of weeks , it will run for about 4 weeks and shipping 4 weeks after that...... I hope we have a big turn out, it is always more fun to have a big group!!!
  2. Halloween Props
    My Ripping Reaper of Souls prop quit opening his robe all of the way. Then after a few cycles, started making a whizzing sound from the gear area and doesn't open the robe at all now. I cut the back cloth open to access the motor and gears, but I really don't know what I'm looking at. Can...
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    Walpurgis One item or kit Reaper exchange I was watching there dance video and it put me in the mood for a reaper :) Walpurgis day is May 1, 2017 So this will be a fast sign up Sign up Deadline is April 1,2016 I will send out names April 2,2017 Ship Deadline is April 29,2017 In an...
  4. General Halloween
    First Reaper of 2017, come join the fun! Sign up dates: January 6,2017 - January 26, 2017 February 22,2017 Rules: 1. The values of the gift must be $20.00, give or take a dollar or so, 2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of the 2. 3. gift can be Halloween related...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    selling a life size animatronic grim reaper its the lunging grim reaper animatronic I paid 180 for it online it works perfect like the video, I did not like the mask on the prop so I took it off and added a midnight studios nate zombie mask on it I paid 150 just for the mask I super glue the...
  6. General Halloween
    Here we go, the likes thread for merry reaper 2016. I Make it as detailed as possible. If you think you are listing too much, it's probably just right!
  7. General Halloween
    I know this seems early, but is in the same time frame as other years, and we want the gifts to be able to be used this year! ;) well, it is time for the Merry Reaper, as with the 2nd reaper, you must have 15 new posts, also, PLEASE, for your sake, AND for the sake of your reaper, please...
  8. Halloween Props
    After reading the post "Monster Mud Grim Reaper" from jimmyzdc I stole every idea from him and then tweaked it just bit, and I have to say his post and the step by step process was awesome and extremely helpful! My grim reaper is just under 8' feet tall , I was originally going to have the...
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    Was sitting out on my front porch tonight looking over the Yard Haunt thinking about wacky things that have happened in the past. One Year, my daughter came to our bedroom door at about Two in the Morning . "Mom..Dad...there is some guy out front Talking to your Grim Reaper ! " I got up and...
  10. Halloween Props
    So I recently got the Rising Reaper of Death. And I give it four and a half smileys. :) :) :) :) : It's pretty sturdy, and it's overall good quality. The only problem is, it makes I loud bump/click whenever it's head locks into place.
  11. Halloween Props
    so I had couple hours this weekend and I am not very happy with the outcome, but I will work on it, let me know what you guys think:
  12. General Halloween
    here is where you post your lists for the likes and dislikes for the second reaper, 2016!
  13. General Halloween
    ATTENTION: NEW RULES!!!!!! You MUST have a minimum of 15 posts if you are a new member.. I feel bad implementing this, but due to circumstances I feel it is best! I am sorry if it is a hardship, but it will show who is willing to be on the forum and actively be a part of it.. here is the...
  14. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So for my birthday this year, I wanted to to an under the sea/sea witches tea party (got the idea from another HF member for the sea witch theme) I made a lot of my decor & a skeleton mermaid for my party. I was so excited that everyone dressed up and indulged my love for themed events!! From...
  15. General Halloween
    I would have sworn someone here made this as a reaper gift... http://www.foxnews.com/science/2016/07/15/demon-orchid-has-devil-head-and-claw-like-petals.html
  16. General Halloween
    here is where you post your list, maybe remember the post number of it, so you can let your reaper know, and make it easier to update!! Remember, make the list as detailed as you can, it really makes it easier for your reaper! example, instead of I like witch items, say I like potion...
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    sign up and discussion thread for the Big/Main Reaper, 2016 ATTENTION: NEW RULES!!!!!! You MUST have a minimum of 15 posts if you are a new member.. I feel bad implementing this, but due to circumstances I feel it is best! I am sorry if it is a hardship, but it will show who is willing to...
  18. Halloween Props
  19. General Halloween
    It is almost halfway to Halloween!!!!! This date also coincides with an ancient celebration known as Walpurgisnacht or Walpurgis Night that is getting more and more popular in the US during the past few years. It is celebrated on April 30 and May 1. So, let’s celebrate Walpurgis and all...
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    Post up your likes and Dislike list here for the one box Reaper