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  1. Mechanical: Convert battery prop that is sound activated to a timer

    Halloween Props
    Hi all I recently bought two props that I didn't realize were only sound activated. They turn on when I turn on the power so I am wondering if anyone has played with converting something like this to a timer activation. I've been searching but can't find anything that I can splice inline to do...
  2. Static: In need of experienced advice on plastic skeletons and heat guns!

    Halloween Props
    I have a skeleton I am making into Death from Discworld. My issue is the usual non-articulated fingers. I need to bend them around the scythe so it looks like he is holding it. My question is: Has anyone ever used a heat gun to bend plastic skeleton fingers with good success? I could use any...
  3. When does it sink in that Halloween is around the corner?

    General Halloween
    Is it something personal or is it when the rest of society catches up? For me, I tend to realize it around this time when I realize September is coming up and I'll be able to start putting up my fall decorations. And when craft stores have starting sprinkling in their fall items.:D It's a...
  4. Haunted House 2014 (Asylum)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello everyone ! And yes it is still me regrettably... Having put the photos of my Haunted House of the last year, I suggest you discovering the work which I realize for this year. There is for the moment just an entrance as well as an office of the Asylum director. I plan to make a room...
  5. One, painful way to scare the TOT'ers!

    General Halloween
    Instructions include: 1. Take the dogs for a run in the park. 2. Not realize they were rubbing themselves on poison oak! 3. Take them home blissfully unaware, pet them well .. It was a good run! 4. Touch your sweaty face with contaminated hands .. A lot, you're going for horrific effect here...
  6. Electronic/Software: Projector Recommendations

    Halloween Props
    I have been looking at the animated/singing pumpkin animations that people use with their projectors. I have absolutely no experience with projectors and I'm not great with electronics (thankfully my husband is tech savvy and can figure things out)! I'm not looking to spend very much, I realize...