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  1. Member Introduction
    I'm a huge HUGE fan of halloween, and work for Planet DJ. We do a lot of halloween haunted house installs and lighting consultation. I really dig the ideas I've read on here so far, and look forward to seeing where I can help out!
  2. Haunted Humor
    A family member posted this little piece of Halloween info the other day. I about died. I tried to be as kind as possible with my correction in the comments. I didn't want to be mean, although other people certainly were very mean in their response. But seriously! Forget zombies, witches...
  3. General Halloween
    Hey, I saw this online article regarding 6 types of modern day witches from around the world and thought people might be interested in a quick read. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/6-types-of-witches-from-around-the-world/ar-AA9OAUM?ocid=mailsignoutmd#page=1
  4. General Halloween
    Just tonight as I was waiting for my food at a local restaurant. A haunt less than an hour away from me was shut down because some actor(s) were using real tools, an axe to "Scare" people with and someone got their foot cut by such a "Prop"! The person telling this said they read it in her...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am thinking of being a gothic vampire this year and I was wondering about wearing fangs. I read good reviews for Scarecrow fangs but I also read you cant eat or drink wih them. Anyone know why you can't? Do they come out when you drink? Im going to New Orleans and can not imagine going out...
  6. Halloween Props
    ... or something like that. :rolleyes: As some of you may know, I've been redecorating my bedroom to better reflect my tastes, and in the process I've ended up with a mini-haunt. One of the things I really wanted was a curio cabinet for all my collectibles (read: items I spent more money on...