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  1. Church haunt

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, the haunt I work for is looking for a permanent building right now and were going to look at a former church tomorrow. I cant help myself but think of all the possibilities of a haunt themed around a church. Where would you guys go with it? What music do you hear? What do you see? What...
  2. Prop segment on podcast

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, was just going to let you know that I will be contributing to a prop segment on Hauntopic Radio coming up and I wanted to get any ideas from you for topics I could discuss. These topics can be prop how to's, makeup fx, actor training, safety etc. No suggestion is too big or too small...
  3. Haunted tree costume. HELP!!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys, I'm working on a haunted tree costume for the haunt this year and I'm hitting a snag. I want/need the tree to look pretty realistic, how do I achieve a realistic looking "bark" on the tree? I've seen Allen Hopps' tree gloves tutorial but silicone caulk over the entire costume would be...
  4. Garden Ridge

    General Halloween
    Not exactly how widespread these stores are, but I saw it mentioned on Steve's Haunted Yard vlog so I thought Id check it out. This place is CRAZY!! One took over an old Target location here in Omaha. They use every bit of it! There's only a handful of aisles of Halloween/Fall stuff for now, but...
  5. Starting a vlog....maybe

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, Ive been thinking about starting a vlog for awhile now. Ive thought of a million good topics to cover, how I want to film it, even how I want to be perceived online. My only problem seems to be a mixture of camera shyness/laziness. Anybody have a good idea to get the fire started? Or...
  6. Omaha, NE haunters group

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Attention all you haunters in the Omaha metro area, have you noticed a lack of haunt gatherings in our area? Or been wanting to attend some make n takes? Well youre in luck, the Omaha Metro Haunters is just for you! Started in October 2011, the OMH is a group of local haunters that share the...