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  1. Electronic/Software: ATX power plugin help

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I seem to remember reading a post before where someone used an ATX power supply that had RCA plugs as a quick connect. Just can't seem to find the thread now. I have a couple of power supplies that I want to use to power my haunt - mostly LED's and a single motor. Does anyone know a...
  2. 2 Channel Lightning Setup

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    2 Channel Lightning Setup (SOLD) I am looking to get rid of my lightning kit. I will only sell as a lot. You will need a CD player/amplifier with RCA outputs to make this work. When it is connected and used with the supplied CD, it will create a full 2 channel light/sound show. This was one of...
  3. HELP!! Any RCA Cable Masterminds Here?

    Halloween Music
    I have a question about RCA "piggy back" or "Daisy-Chaining" I have searched alllllllll over google (At least what I could in a 2 hour span) and I have not found a conclusive answer to the question that follows. Is there a limitation on the number of Daisy-Chaining connections you can do. See...