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  1. Floral DIY wreath project: who has experience with decor Ravens outside?

    Halloween Crafts
    I am wanting to put a raven on the wreath I am making but I'm not sure how well the feathered ravens like from Michaels will hold up even with pro strength UV coating. This will be for this door, no over hang. The rest of the wreath is glitter stuff sandwiched in outdoor modpodge which will be...
  2. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  3. It's "The People" Who "Make IT!"

    General Halloween
    We have some very fantastic people come through The Ravens Grin Inn! We recently had many new people , along with returning patrons, people who love the "Art", and the routines here, many first timers this holiday weekend. One older couple (Newbies) expressed great "Glee" about one display...
  4. New halloween town RP

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Bloodwood RP town What's the harm in having a second halloween town RP? I'll go with a lycan innkeeper. Before we begin, how about a name? Of course, Raven's point is already taken.
  5. soooo we bought a house

    Off-Topic Stuff
    still has that new house smell. I'm going to update photo's as I decorate. ♥ 4 bedroom house huge kitchen LOVE IT!! Cemetery hallway I need more ravens!! I'll have to wait until the Halloween goodies show up in the stores Slowly making progress I'm dead tired :D going to keep it up though ;)
  6. Ravens Grin on "The Thrill List"

    General Halloween
    Not the haunted house kind of "Thrills" but instead a great number of photos of amazing looking buildings! (And Houses) I really don't see how we made this list, if you look through it .. some of those structures are So incredible! The picture of Ravens Grin is maybe ten years old? (We can...
  7. I Saw My Pets

    General Halloween
    Yesterday.They were walking around in the parking lot next to a gas station at the edge of town here. There were four of them, walking in circles snapping up bits of something they imagined to be actual "Food"? They were four huge, black Crows! I have never seen any larger than these Crows are...
  8. "I Want to Build .."

    General Halloween
    "My whole yard to look like a Zombie Graveyard!" Said the young Father of the family that just took the house tour here at Ravens Grin Inn. "But I don't know how to do"X-Y-Z"! "Just look at The Halloween Forum." I told him. I just "Made" his night! He walked to his car very happy! (And it...
  9. All the way from Kansas City!

    General Halloween
    He took her to his favorite "Haunted House" (Her Scream is presently on our answering machine! 1-815-244-4746 ) They booked a room just a block away, and will be awaiting our call when people show up tonight ,so they can enjoy going through Ravens Grin with a "Group" Getting the total...
  10. Static: Looking for bulk Black feathers

    Halloween Props
    I'm making some Ravens/Crows , and I'm looking for some place that sells them in Bulk. Anyone know of a place? Thanks CFD318 This is what I'm shooting for
  11. Static: Sorry, Just A little Football Talk...(It's about a zombie too...)

    Halloween Props
    My Ravens Whooped some Stealer Behind last night :) :) :)
  12. Static: Ravens & Rats & Owls, oh my

    Halloween Props
    Hello all: I've been laying low for a few weeks, trying to hunker down & get those half-finished props completed, and avoiding this forum because it is constantly giving me new ideas! Question: anyone ever build their own critters, especially a raven, owl or rat? I searched this forum & found...