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  1. Static: need some help - what does an ...

    Halloween Props
    Alien cemetery look like/ This year's theme is ET- Aliens- Area 51. If I can I want to add some "aliens" to my cemetery but am at a loss what an alien society's cemetery might look like. Also pondering what pests they would have on their ships.... Rats are always on sailing ships but what's on...
  2. NOOOOO! My Toy Treats Are DUDS!

    General Halloween
    I ordered these really cool Rock-em-Sock-em Skull Light-up Pens. As I go through the box- making up treat bags, NONE of the pens write OR light up!!! I have enough toy/candy treats to cover - but what should I do about the skull pens? Just the Rock-em Sock-em part works- and that's still...
  3. Static: Easy rats and corpse PROP

    Halloween Props
    This was an EASY prop. (1) Super cheap skeleton w/trash bags melted on for skin (2) Really BAD paint job (3) Expanding foam guts (4) Dollar store skull (painted, hot glue blood, billy bob teeth and a doll eye) (5) A bunch of 99 cent store squeaky rats (6)Drop it on the ground and put some...
  4. Other: Theft?

    Halloween Props
    So when my cousin found out I was going almost pure DIY for Halloween and working with a budget of near zero dollars she gifted me a giant pile of rats... 23 10" rubber rats to be exact and they are all in this giant pumpkin bucket. The issue for me is one side of my house is attached to a...
  5. Static: Death Of Rats

    Halloween Props
    I will start by saying that Death of Rats does not feature on this forum enough. Considering the character is a Rat skeleton in a hooded cloak wielding a miniature scythe, I thought he would be more popular. For those that dont know, Death of Rats is a recurring character in Sir Terry Pratchetts...
  6. Dollar Tree Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    Searched and didn't see a thread yet :eek: They've officially started uploading Halloween items to their site though! https://www.dollartree.com/search/go#?p=Q&srid=S1-6IADP&lbc=dollartree&ts=ajax&w=halloween&uid=128747937&method=and&isort=score&view=grid&srt=18 Ceramic paintables Glitter...
  7. Static: "Bernard" and a few rats

    Halloween Props
    Not thrilled with the coloring, but at night with lighting, I'm hoping I'll get the look I want. Thanks for looking!
  8. Static: Rats everywhere! Help please

    Halloween Props
    I'm working on a prop where a newly buried body is being eaten by rats. I have the base & bones attached with good stuff, but I'm having coloring issues. 1: what color should I paint the corpsed bones? 2. What color should I do the base? Thanks in advance!
  9. Curiosity Cages

    Halloween Props
    I just noticed these at Lakeside Collection's website and immediately thought that they certainly had Halloween applications - whether used in a witch's lair, voodoo shack, medieval castle, laboratory, cave, or other setting. Skulls, oversized rats (or a pile of normal-sized vermin), ill-omened...
  10. Emergency brainstorming: "Unpleasant ways to die"

    General Halloween
    The weather sucks, all but one of my minions have disappeared, my health has taken a painful downturn, and I'm so far behind I'll be lucky to catch up in time for Halloween... 2015. At the same time, I REFUSE to miss a second Halloween in a row. At this point, I'm throwing out all my planned...
  11. Prop Showcase: Easy snakes and skulls for wall or mantle

    Halloween Props
    Super easy/cheap project that's actually kind of fun to do! I started with a piece of plexiglass only because I had that available. You can use foam board or probably even cardboard. Using my embossing heater (a hairdryer might work as well but the embosser gets really hot), I crumpled and...
  12. Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour!

    Dear Trick or Treaters, It is my extremely ghoulish pleasure to announce that the creaking gates are open for only 1 more week! http://www.halloweenstudiotour.com 2nd annual Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat International artists sharing Hallowe'en, art and our love of bats...
  13. Static: Ravens & Rats & Owls, oh my

    Halloween Props
    Hello all: I've been laying low for a few weeks, trying to hunker down & get those half-finished props completed, and avoiding this forum because it is constantly giving me new ideas! Question: anyone ever build their own critters, especially a raven, owl or rat? I searched this forum & found...