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  1. In Search of Half-Skulls

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello! Anyone know a decent source for a bunch of half skulls. You know, the sort missing their lower jaw? They always convey that sense that the skull has sat around for a while. An online source I'm fond of ordering from had some for under $5-a-pop, but ran out. Attached is a pic to give...
  2. Static: 2018 Halloween Entrance Columns

    Halloween Props
    This year I added a new set of entrance columns to my haunt. My inspiration was the entrance columns to the Disney Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. I wanted to add a gate but ran out of time. I used of a lot of the techniques found in the youtube links listed at the end of the post. I built my...
  3. Hey Kid! You Forgot Your Candy!

    General Halloween
    Heh heh heh First year for placing this AtmosfearX little girl in a window very close to where the TOT's line up for treats. Ran the audio to an even closer speaker. One kid screamed and ran all the way back to the road!
  4. I need advice for Crowd Control issues at my haunt

    General Halloween
    I need some advice how to handle the situation with I have a large number of people that want to go through my tiny one-car garage haunt. I had about 200 visitors and maybe half of them wanted to walk through... When the groups were small, I asked them to walk through slowly and enjoy. It's...
  5. 2018 Trick or Treators count

    General Halloween
    So for us its done. Its 9:30 here we had SO many kids. We ran out of candy! Over 40 Also went to a neighbors and hung out there for an hour which was fun. I think this was the best Halloween i have has in years! How many ToTs came to your home this year? What was the kids favorite? For...
  6. Electronic/Software: Anyone own any Halloween Haunters props?

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone purchased any props by Halloween Haunters? If so, what's the build quality, etc? We have a "scaryoke" band that plays throughout Halloween night and right now have mini-skeletons playing guitar and keyboards, but they're just static props. My friend who helps with our Halloween...
  7. Pneumatic: Skeleton Pop-up Prop

    Halloween Props
    I would like to show my Halloween 2018 prop I've been working on. It's a pneumatic stand up skeleton controlled by an Arduino. It's triggered by a laser trip wire, though I'm might change it back to PIR The eyes and ribs flashing is to let me know when the program is finished, so that might...
  8. Static: Gravestones for 2018

    Halloween Props
    First up the Facelift stone. I really hated (happens when you let the kids decide on names) this stone and it ran its course so ... updated it Before: After:
  9. My first ToT!

    General Halloween
    So I have never lived in an area that gets ToT's and where I'm currently living is no different. I just moved here 7 months ago and it's all flat, corporate boxes surrounded by a major airport and a bunch of apartments. Anyway, I decided to throw on some makeup and a pulled out something from my...
  10. Help with Halloween prescription contact lenses!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi everyone! Ok, so I recently went to my eye doctor for my exam, and got a prescription for my contact lenses....I've been a contact lense wearer for years! I went online to lens.com to order a pair of prescription lenses, faxed a copy of my prescription, to verify with my doctor. He will...
  11. Found working fog machine at GW for $6

    General Halloween
    We've been hitting the local second hand shops already, including the Goodwills in the area, as we get a lot of stuff for our props from these places. I typically only buy items I can be verify by sight (no moving parts, no speakers, no electronics, etc.), but found a 1000 watt fog machine...
  12. 3d PEN

    General Halloween
    Ran across this and the applications for Halloween are running through my head
  13. UK haunters. Whats your home decorating ideas?

    General Halloween
    Im going for the Ground breaker cemetery type idea for my front. Was going to do a haunted walkthrough too but just ran out of time. Would love to hear some of your ideas.
  14. The True Orgin of Halloween

    General Halloween
    I'm interested if anyone knows the true meaning of Halloween. Think way back, tell me as much as you know. It's a anthropology quest and this seems to be a great forum to find out what people know. Even if you don't know, I would like to know what you fell it is about. The other day I ran...
  15. Fog: Chiller placement & piping location?

    Halloween Props
    NEE INPUT! I realized I need to make a fog chiller for my cemetery. I've never ran a fog machine or built a chiller but what I need is a recommendation as to where to place it, and where to pipe it to to get the most use of it. Here is a plan view of my cemetery. Im thinking in the back middle...