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  1. General Halloween
    Things are starting to ramp up. As some of you know, I maintain a pumpkin patch in my backyard. This year I am really emphasizing my pumpkin display near my front door. I pretty much have my pumpkins set-up, now I just need to scary it up a little with lights and spiders. My goal is to get this...
  2. General Halloween
    Finally got some time to start building on the barn . As you will see from the photos it's not a straightforward deal. Lots of ups and downs. When coming from the center floor and crossing the "drops" ( cow poo trenches) there will be a step up which we will light and sign. Then a ramp will...
  3. General Halloween
    We have a wheelchair ramp attached to the porch right now. Initially, I intended to block it, because I was afraid of kids tripping or falling down it. It's pretty steep...not professionally "graded". I cannot take my son down it when it's wet, because there's no stopping. However, I want to...
1-3 of 3 Results