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  1. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, Im new here and excite. This is actually my first time ever blogging. Im here to get some ideas for my house to start an amazing halloween house for 2016. This year was my first time using Lights O Rama in my display. Now Im hoping to add a projector to my Lights O rama to add...
  2. Halloween Props
    Howdy, Here the deal.. I have 8 LED Cascading Tube Lights hanging from my tree. I don't want them on all night. I'd rather have them on for 30 secs and off for 3 mins. any advice how to do this besides light o rama? Thanks
  3. West Coast Haunters Convention
    OK, well seeing how there is nothing on this topic I guess we will have to start it with 3 days left. City of the "Dam"med will be doing a free seminar on Friday re: how we use DMX and Light O Rama to run our home haunt. We also have a home haunt display that will be running our Tiki bird...
1-3 of 3 Results