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  1. Rucus Studios Opportunity

    General Halloween
    i dunno how many know about Rucus Studios but he makes some absolutely beautiful Halloween art pieces that, unfortunately, are waaaay beyond my budget. However....he has a kickstarter going to raise money to print these beautiful Halloween cards if anyone is interested. I bought 2 decks...
  2. DRACUL by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker - some nice inspirational imagery.

    General Halloween
    I mentioned this in the literature forum but wanted to make people who may not travel that far down the selection list aware of it. I just finished Dracul, written by Dacre Stoker (great grand-nephew of Bram) and J.D. Barker. I highly recommend it! A prequel to Dracula, it weaves the Stoker...
  3. Mechanical: Raising a tombstone - What do I need

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Kinda looking/searching into more animatronic props lately (building myself) and wanna get more into electrical and motors, etc. I created this prop this year, kinda like tombstone, built outta foam and wood. Maybe weights 20lbs or so. I was thinking of raising it up and down. So...
  4. Static: Facade Raising Ideas

    Halloween Props
    This is a little different post - hoping to get some advice. So we setup large facades each year for our haunted western town. They all can be setup with two people typically, which is nice since it is usually my wife and I working on it. We have one heavy facade - it's 14' wide by 13' tall (at...
  5. Atmosphere Effects: Trouble timing the bubble arm on the Gemmy Bubble/Fogger Help Grandpa

    Halloween Props
    After the neighbor child had his way with my daughter-in-laws bubble machine.. the arm no longer worked. After some head scratching I got it apart and found the motor gear broken. Fixed that with superglue and hope it holds. (where can I buy parts for this thing) Now my problem is cannot...
  6. Help and any ideas non profit fundraiser for guide dogs for the blind

    General Halloween
    I use to volunteer with Guide Dogs for the blind. I also love Halloween and the last few years we really haven't go all out the way with out side set up. After lisnting to hauntcast I got really in the mood to go do a great Halloween set up. I wanted to also see about raising money for a non...
  7. Raising money for a volunteer trip

    Off-Topic Stuff
    If anyone is feeling charitable, I'd like to present my GoFundMe campaign, in which I am attempting to raise some money to make a volunteer trip to India and do some charity work with slum children, in a school, etc. It's always been a dream of mine to go to India, as I am deeply connected to...
  8. Michigan peoples - Haunted Garage Sale

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    So, the garage sale has been announced already for those of you who either A. didn't know it was, or B, don't know what it is. I thought I'd post this and ask, who's going? Raise your hand!!! hope to see some of ya there!
  9. Animated Prop

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Up for sale is an animated pneumatic operated Mourner Prop. Its based on DC Props designs and is an all welded steel armature. It has three motions 1. rotate 180. 2. Raise from kneeling to standing 3. Arms raise for final scare. Powered by robust pneumatic cylinders for reliable operation all...
  10. Pneumatic: How to raise and lower my flying saucer?

    Halloween Props
    Hey All, My flying saucer is coming along nicely and I'm wondering if there is a way to make it raise and lower, maybe just a couple of feet. If anyone has any methods I could try, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!