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  1. RAFFLE: Spooky Ghostly Envelope! First fifty posters entered!

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    This new edition of the Halloween raffle (I have done three of these this year, this is #4) is for a small envelope containing a SPOOKY LETTER FROM A GHOST as well as a couple of small trinkets. This is arguably one of the smaller offerings of our raffles in terms of the actual size of the...
  2. 2nd July Raffle: Need Three Lucky Halloween Winners

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    Okay, here's the new raffle! The previous raffle prizes are being mailed out, except for one person who needs to send me a PM--so on to the new raffle! Same thing on this one, the first 20 responses to this thread are entered. Please, if you have won one of the raffles before, do not enter...
  3. Holiday season RAFFLE. Three winners!

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    Holiday season!! Halloween is over but the holiday season continues, so we are making with the presents. Here we go, now, with another small raffle. This will have three winners. Each winner will get a small padded envelope with a small Halloween-oriented gift...like, say, a DVD movie. The...
  4. Raffle Drawing at Party?

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    I was thinking of doing one raffle drawing towards the end of my Halloween party this year. When people arrive, I'd give them the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for $1. The item I would be raffling off would be a big gift basket full of candy, two movie tickets (so they can see whatever...