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  1. Other: Help building door toppers

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone, I'm working on a project and I could really use some advice, it's something I've never done and I'm somewhat stuck, not knowing where to begin. First off, this project is not for Halloween, strictly speaking, but it is ghost themed. I want to make some door toppers very much...
  2. Question About Gemmy Halloween Greeters

    Halloween Props
    Alright guys, I figured that you would be able to answer my question. So, the greeters were made in 2000. Some had lighted eyes, some didn't. They came in 4 different variations, monster, vampire, witch, and skeleton. The point is, I have the witch and skeleton, both with lighted eyes and up...
  3. Would you rather!?

    Question: Would you rather shop for Halloween from Distortions Unlimited or Frightprops.com?
  4. Do people approach you with questions about death?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    The content may differ, but the introductory words are always hesitant, and always the same: "Can you help me? I don't know who else to ask." Introducing children to the concept of death. Funeral customs. Cremation and "non-traditional" body disposal practices. Embalming procedures. Death care...
  5. Open a halloween warehouse

    General Halloween
    Hi to everybody on the halloween forum, I am a newbie on here but would like to jump straight in with a question if you would be so kind? I live in the UK and we don't do halloween as good as you guys in the states/Canada but it is growing every year over here, my question is I would love to...
  6. Question. Who's already started planning halloween 2017?

    General Halloween
    My question to you all is .... have you started to plan for halloween 2017? If so where do you start?
  7. Theft from Displays

    General Halloween
    I am new here and fairly new to decorating my home. I'm in the UK, and so decorations tend to go up on or very near to the 31st. However, I notice that many US members have their haunts set up much earlier. My question do any of you have any issues with theft or vandalism, as I am very sure...
  8. What makes you comment...or should I say not comment?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    This is not a criticism but a real question. I am curious about why people don't leave a comment after viewing a "Hello" introduction from new members. I have been noticing it a lot, especially lately, and I am wondering what is going on. I know that people are busy right now making props but...
  9. Static: Question for Latex Corpsers

    Halloween Props
    I have a question for anyone that uses latex to corpse a skeleton - After you have applied latex and stain to your skeleton, do you coat it with anything else? I have several skeletons that I corpsed a few years ago, and now the latex looks and feels dried out. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  10. Projection Question?

    Halloween Props
    I know this subject has been addressed may times, and I have read most if not all the threads that apply. Alas, I have been unable to find the answer to my question. I also realize its a little late in the season so this will be a next year display item, But hoping I can convince "Santa" to...
  11. Mechanical: Animatronics Question

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a place/website/company that sold animatronic mechanisms, complete with programming, that I could design a character onto. I enjoy making static props, but seeing a prop come to life is something special :) If you know of a place, please let me know. Thanks
  12. Fog: Fogger Question

    Halloween Props
    Hey All! I have a question....so my large fogger died but I have one left that is a 400watt. What I want to do is to rig up it up using a low lying setup like a chiller....here's the question: Will a 400 watt fogger be enough to cover say a 700 sq. ft. area/graveyard? Or do I need to get the...
  13. Do you believe in Psychic readings

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    My question to you...Do you believe in Psychic readings....Love to hear your storys:)
  14. Other: Another question about waterproofing.

    Halloween Props
    So I am redoing my graveyard pillars this year, I am using the brick Paneling from lowes. It's a wood material. So my question is can I use Thompsons waterseal to waterproof it? Should I use something else? Also the insides of the pillars have electrical outlets in them. I am thinking of...
  15. Lighting: Question For Wildfire Users

    Halloween Props
    I have a few props that I painted with some cheap neon/fluorescent craft paint last year. Effect was meh. I am looking at getting a better light (a 24" or 48" tube blacklight blue light instead of the BLB CFLs I have now) and want them to pop a lot more. My question is, how far does Wildfire...
  16. Mechanical: Free Larry!

    Halloween Props
    This is my cemetery pal Larry. He's been part of my haunt for several years. Locals know him by name. He's a bit static and I'd like him to have a bit of freedom this year. The idea is to give Larry the ability to move across the yard and back ever so slowly. Just enough for locals to question...
  17. Hobby Lobby Question

    General Halloween
    :oHey Peeps, I have a question because I am new to Hobby Lobby. I went to a neighboring town and they had a Hobby Lobby and I went in to check out their Halloween stuff. Pretty much all they had was pumpkins. (wonderful pumpkins...but just pumpkins) Does Hobby Lobby not stock skeletons, rats...
  18. Static: Question about the bottomless pit prop

    Halloween Props
    I was thinking about attempting the bottomless pit prop for Halloween 2016. I know the general idea is to have one one-way mirror with the reflective side down suspended above a regular mirror. But my question is about the lighting. Does this prop only work if the area that it's in is almost...
  19. Lighting: Lighting Question

    Halloween Props
    Was thinking of putting some wildfire optical paint on the tombstones, along with some blacklighting in front of the cemetery. Also, some black lights placed in the front porch fixtures. My question is has anyone had experience with Fire and Ice lighting? Toxic green in particular? Wanted to...
  20. Other Question for my metalworkers...bending aluminum...

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey team! Last yet at Home Goods I managed to score half a set of skeleton arm serving utensils for $5 and want to repurpose it into a punch bowl ladle using a pewter cup I picked up off Ebay. Question is, I want to curve the fingers of the hand around the cup. They don't have to be super...