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  1. Home Haunters Guide to Quarantine

    General Halloween
    March 23, 2020: City shuts down and everyone is forced to work from home. Yeaaaa now I can spend my day working on Halloween projects, watching horror movies and finally have time to do some light reading. Perhaps I should get some of those unfinished Halloween props completed...
  2. HAZMAT Suit from Paint Coveralls

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm doing a "quarantine" theme this year, and wanted to have some HAZMAT guys walking around, but I didn't want them to have the bright yellow HAZMAT suits you can find online. So, I went to Lowe's and grabbed some disposable paint coveralls, and after a few quick steps, turned them into some...
  3. The Crazies / Quarantine theme! HELP!!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Thinking of doing a Crazies/Quarantine themed party this year. It will be a walk through starting in the garage leading out to the backyard. Any ideas? Props? Scare zone ideas? ANYTHING??