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  1. Best reinventing of non-Halloween item

    General Halloween
    I scored 10 rolls of green garland after Christmas for $7. They were originally $7 each! Was great, 90% off so only 70 cents a piece. I am going to build a pvc framework and hang them across in curtain fashion so that the ToTs have to go thru' it and can't see what is on the other side. I have...
  2. Electrical Transformer: Tutorial

    Electrical transformers are accents you could use in a laboratory scene or electrical room at your haunt. You can make these using some funny things around your workshop. Hey, just like a mad doctor would :p For a quick rundown of how to put this together, please check this video out...
  3. Czech Hedgehog Barrier: Tutorial

    Czech Hedgehogs are a military defensive barrier that are easy to replicate using 2x4's and one wood screw. Yeah! :D Use them plopped outside the haunt to add a fast military look or for the base of an elaborate display. Below, they are in a minefield/queue line: Here's a quick video...
  4. Static: Attaching a silicone hand to PVC ?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, so i have this silicone hand which i would like to put on a pvc dummy, but how should i go about attaching the hand to the dummy ? Thanks Phil :D
  5. pvc prop mannequin for sale!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    i recently made a pvc prop mannequin that i no longer need anymore and dont want to use! it is 6 ft tall and comes with a styraofam head which i will throw ina new one cause that one ripped... i included a picture it not have the foam or any tape with it and it will be shipped in pieces...
  6. Outdoor Flicker Candles: Tutorial

    Love the flicker lights using tealights created by jimmyzdc. But, needed them to be on a timer. Time to hack a string of Christmas flicker lights. Videos of them in action can be found here: The following pictures shows you how to make the candles but I did not show how...
  7. Pneumatic: PVC air cylinders

    Halloween Props
    i've heard good and bad things about pvc air cylinders, does anyone have a tutorial on how to make them. I don't actually have a air compressor yet but i wouldn't mind if i had some kind of cylinders ready to use for when i do get a compressor. Thanks guys in advance Phil :D
  8. Mechanical: Help on filling out a pvc prop

    Halloween Props
    so... my latest prop is a pvc hangman, but everything looks so flat and odd. So does anyone have any tips or ideas on how i could plump this guy up. Any help is appreciated Thankyou :D
  9. Static: PVC Mannequins

    Halloween Props
    This year I knocked together another four PVC mannequins. I've gotten so quick at it, I can have them together by the time my son has gathered the costume 'fixins' from all around the house. My dog went crazy barking at them as I was setting them up! Quick PVC Halloween Mannequin I love...
  10. Static: some of my static figures

    Halloween Props
    I thought I would post a few of the guys I have built in the past years. I have not got started yet for this year. I am still in the planning mode but we hope to get started this weekend! I know I want to build a static scarecrow for my front yard and hopefully some moving props for our...
  11. Mechanical: Help with Making Props move without Air

    Halloween Props
    Hello fellow haunters! I am new to the forum and this is my first post! But I tell you reading the others has really got me ready for Halloween this year. I am wanting to make some props that move but I would like to do it as cheap as possible since money is limited. I am really good with PVC...
  12. Static: Whew, just finished my PVC candles

    Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, I just posted these at my Forum Pic Album. Video: Let me know what you think. -Doc
  13. Static: Posable PVC Pirate Prop-Anyone know??

    Halloween Props
    Ok, so I am going to a group prop build this weekend and we're making something called the "Bride of Articulation". Awhile ago I came across a prop someone had made that was a posable PVC pirate with his foot up (on a chest or barrel-I can't remember what). I think he had a sword in his hand...