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pvc spider

  1. Giant Spider Build

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    After seeing tons of giant spider props on here that have been made, I decided that was going to be my big project for this year. Keeping in mind the help I got from other tutorials and pictures, I tried to remember to document my build to share with the forum. I'll post the build here, and...
  2. Static: Built a Corpsed PVC spider to add to my decorations!

    Halloween Props
    Pretty proud of it and I've had a lot of folks stop by the house to tell me that it's super creepy. Can't wait for Halloween night!
  3. Other: PVC Spider

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to send a pic of my first attempt at PVC spider, wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas and other posts on this topic, what a great forum, have never been on it before....now cant get off it. Next year spider will be doubled in size and have the little dudes have to walk under...