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  1. PVC candle lit walk

    General Halloween
    I am working out specifics that I want to incorporate into my theme this year. The theme is HADES UNDERWORLD. This will incorporate Hades, Charon and his ferry, Persephone and I am working on Cerberus. I am new to building my own props so I bought mannequins for the two main characters and...
  2. Electronic/Software: First PVC candles for office decorations.

    Halloween Props
    Long time haunter, first time poster! We like to decorate our office space here at work. I was inspired by this post.... http://www.halloweenforum.com/tutorials-and-step-by-step/68856-pvc-flicker-candles-38.html I figured Id give it a try with a little twist. Here's our tumblr page about the...
  3. Slightly Different Take On The PVC Candle

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Since it's been a million years since I contributed in a meaningful way, I figured I'd try to give a little tutorial on my interpretation of a PVC candle. The pictures were taken with my phone, so you'll hafta forgive their quality. I like the idea of the PVC candle, in that they're cheap and...
  4. Static: Candles - PVC

    Halloween Props
    Here is my PVC candle prop. It is a very simple project and best of all low cost. YouTube - PVC Candle Prop