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  1. 99¢ sale!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    It's crazy, we know, but yes it's true - hundreds of products each less than $1! It's like the Dollar Menu for parts! Now through Monday, May 27th while supplies last! Not valid with other discounts/promotions. https://www.servocity.com/ Including, but not limited to: Batteries Servo Leads...
  2. Halloween Party 2018

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    How did you parties turn out? Ours was Saturday and it poured down rain. Our turn out wasn't what we hoped with 9 of our "Yeses" not showing up and none of our 11 maybes. So we planned for turn out in the mid twenties including us and ended up with 14. But it's not the first year we have had a...
  3. Poop head prop for a friend

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    A friend of mine is having a Halloween party this weekend and wants to push the envelope. He wants to be a poophead (he used different language) and asked if I could come up with something to top his costume off. He wanted it to be gross. After some trial and error this is what I came up...
  4. Seating advice for party.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Im torn about what to do with the seating situation in my living room. This will be the music and dancing area but I have a big sectional. Do you think its worth it to take the couch out and put in pub style tables and stools? I feel like the couch is bad for mingling. I also would have to push...
  5. Super happy!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I have been in severe pain for months and went from walking to hobbling with a cane or having my students push me in a wheelchair because I physically couldn't make it from one end of my school to the other in about a month. It turns out I had a MASSIVE herniated disc. When my surgeon saw it...
  6. Pneumatic: First Pneumatic stup

    Halloween Props
    Like the title said this will be my first build. This will going into my sitting (zombie) Scarecrow built.http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/178233-sitting-scarecrow-zombie-prop-build.html And No I do not plan on having this ready for Halloween this year...
  7. Today-December19th House tour. RAVENS GRIN-Mount Carroll,Illinois

    General Halloween
    At the Ravens Grin Inn...A man and his son,another family,of Mom. Dad,and three kids all happened to arrive at the door at the same time! The little-bitty" girl was afraid, the main lights were already "On". I asked this whimpering, crying, tiny girl if she would like to push some "Buttons?"...
  8. Mechanical: Drop & give me 20

    Halloween Props
    I thought it was about time I get started on a couple new props. So, I got the mechanical bugs worked out on this one and it sure looks like he's doing push ups. Close to what I was going for, I'll post another video when finished.
  9. Mechanical: animated child on antique push n go horse

    Halloween Props
    Started this project the day after Christmas.... Found a child's push n go horse at a garage sale. I already had purchased this little skeleton at Michael's for $14 and had altered it by shortening the leg, arm, and neck bones but had nothing to use it for.
  10. Lot of Pneumatic Parts

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi all, I am digging into all of my stuff and will be letting go of some things. This is the first items I've dug out. These are lightly used and were purchased all new by me. I believe these valves have 1/8" orfices in them so they would be better suited for something like a 1/2" - 3/4" bore...
  11. Air Cannons/Ankle Blasters 2 versions!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Still time to get one for Halloween. Only 4 left this season. http://vid9.photobucket.com/albums/a51/kermat13/DSCN0072_zps5df9817a.mp4 Version 1 with tank $170 shipped. Version 2 without tank $120 shipped. You save on shipping and can purchase your own tank at Harbor Freight with...
  12. "Total Frustration"-- the definition, MY definition.

    General Halloween
    You get a creative idea. You are given some things that will help to make your idea happen. You already have the tools and "smarts" to put it together. You spend some money, you finish it, install it. It works just as you envisioned it, customers are pleased seeing it work, some a bit awestruck...
  13. hello everyone.

    Member Introduction
    I have come to this site off and on and have seen some amazing props so I decided to join. I love Halloween and the more I can learn, do and build the more I enjoy it. There is nothing like seeing people stand in front of your house push each other to see who will go first because they are to...