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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I found TWO sets of these in THE GREAT PURGE OF 2019! Mine are grey though, not flesh colored like the ones in the pic. I forgot I even had them & need the room. They are still in their boxes too. I had to open one set to check to make sure there was a left & right but they have never been...
  2. General Halloween
    After a long hiatus, I finally got to participate in our neighborhood's TOT! This year I went with more of a Harvest theme with our decorations. Some corn stalks, a small pumpkin patch, and retro-inspired decorations. Amazingly nothing was stolen or vandalized, which was the cause for the...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    Own Halloween Night with Our "Neon Halloween LED Purge Mask" -Get Yours Here for an Exclusive $15.34!! Free Shipping Worldwide✈✈ #groovyttb
  4. Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Fright Haven, Hundred Acres Manor, Brighton Asylum, Funko, Blood Drive, Purge: The Island, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Victor Crowley, and more!! Then, we have a special retro film review, and then the Freak returns with the tale of two woman...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Bought 4 resin "Purge" masks off EBAY. I thought clowns would be better - we're planning for my boys/nephew to each wear a hoodie & mask and wander around the yard on Halloween while giving out candy. They are excited:) Which paint job do you like best? Thanks :)
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Howdy folks! So I watched "The Purge: Election Year" last night, and I'm believing a Purge-related costume and mask would be fun to dress in for Halloween this year. I'm attempting to think of something that would really stand out so I wouldn't be just another face in the crowd however, or a...
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    The first prop to go in the Great Purge of 2015!! Asking $30+ UPS shipping (she weighs between 10-11 lbs & I ship from work so it's a bit cheaper). ACK!! Pics in the next post. For some reason the board said "you've exceeded tags" or some such thing. I've added a few little things to the box...
1-7 of 8 Results