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  1. General Halloween
    A small town haunt in the old school, still owned by the school dist. operated as a charity haunt. A woman recognized her old friend walking toward her. She jumped out, scared him. He punched her very quick and hard, she hit the floor. He apologized many times. He has post traumatic stress ...
  2. General Halloween
    They drove almost 300miles to get here. He told me that I had spent quite awhile on the phone with him answering his many questions. He told me that in a haunt, his "friends" pushed him ahead into the dark where someone with a chainsaw wa s waiting, he was scared and punched "Mr. Chainsaw!"...
  3. Halloween Props
    I just finished this witch head that I want to use as a cauldron creep, won't be done by this year unfortunately. I thought I would share her picture anyway. It is a $40 mask that I added an acrylic eye to, foam filled and hand punched all the hair ($10). I think she turned out pretty cool! Andy
1-3 of 3 Results