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  1. Pumpkinrot 2017...

    General Halloween
    As always...amazing. I just love this guy's stuff. http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.com/2017/11/happy-halloween.html
  2. Static: Pumpkinrot Scarecrow Build

    Halloween Props
    Last year I saw some of the work that the artist known as Pumpkinrot (pumpkinrot.com) had created. I thought their work was awesome - I loved how the scarecrows and sentinels they created had such an organic quality about them. The blending of human shapes with the shapes of trees made it so...
  3. Static: Pumpkin Sentinel

    Halloween Props
    Here are two pictures of the pumpkin sentinel I'm making. He stands about 8 feet tall so he should be pretty intimidating. I got my ideas from pumpkinrot and instructables.
  4. Prop Showcase: Static Corpse Props

    Halloween Props
    I have always been a fan of "pumpkinrot's" work. His 2015 display especially fascinated me and I have been planning on making my version of his staked copse's for a while. So here are a few pics for your consideration. The spines are made of bent pvc, ribs are 10/2 romex and the sculls are...
  5. ...Pumpkinrot?

    General Halloween
    So, I thought I'd check in on Pumpkinrot, haven't been by his place for about a week... "Sorry, the website www.pumpkinrot.com cannot be found" Huh? Tell me one of the great Halloween bloggers and artists of the Dark Fantastique hasn't lost his website and gone away. The photography, the...
  6. Static: Pumpkinrot - tutorials?

    Halloween Props
    Did Pumpkinrot ever web-publish a tutorial on his materials or methods? I mean Pumpkinrot, himself. So I tried to search the Forums here, and tried searching google, yahoo, etc... But the name "Pumpkinrot" is synonymous with the style - so everyone putting their how-to on line uses his name...
  7. Static: Yet another Pumpkinrot Question

    Halloween Props
    I know most if not all of you have seen the wonderful work that Pumpkinrot has done. From Scarecrows to the Tinies to those wonderful, wonderful Sentinels we all drool over. The question I'm posing is, Has anybody ever thought of asking Pumpkinrot just how he does it? Maybe he could post a...
  8. Static: pumpkinrot head size to height question???

    Halloween Props
    what size are you using for the head??? I want to go the funkin route because I like the smooth realistic pumkin look. So I have a couple options but they are far apart in size. My first instinct is to go big with the small giant at 18x26 but going big has gotten me in trouble before. next...
  9. Static: Pumpkin help

    Halloween Props
    Pumpkinrot inspired sentinels Just got done with my first paper-mache project ( building 3 Pumpkinrot sentinels) - happy with how they turned out so far :) Anyone have suggestions on what I can do with a 2' pumpkin (made that out of a beachball)? Thought about a "Welcome" carving - but seems...
  10. Static: Pumpkin Sentinel at Evil Vines Cemetery

    Halloween Props
    I have always loved the Pumpkin Sentinels I've seen everyone make on the forum and decided I needed one in our haunt. I have to thank GhostTown for the amazingly detailed "Ode de Pumpkinrot" tutorial. Here's what I came up with, thanks to all the inspiration I've seen on the forum. Pumpkin...
  11. Replicating Pumpkin Sentinels (Pumpkinrot)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We've all seen it...hell, if you're anything like me, you've been staring at the images for years. Wondering if there was a way. Is there a way for me, an average Joe Haunter, to make the Pumpkin Sentinels like Pumpkinrot makes? Well, I don't know. But I am sure as hell going to try :) So...
  12. This guy deserves some thanks

    General Halloween
    If you have even an inkling of love for Halloween, I should hope you know the legendary artist and blogster, Pumpkinrot. http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.com/ So why start a thread for him? Well, right now, he's taking a week off to get up to speed on his props. This is an excellent moment to not...
  13. I was featured again (my 4th time, I think) on Pumpkinrot !

    General Halloween
    Yay! I just discovered that I was featured again (my 4th time, I think) on Pumpkinrot in July! I am so proud of this! It's such on honor! http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.ca/2014/07/mockingbird-drive.html
  14. Atmosphere Effects: Most invisible scrim?

    Halloween Props
    Hey folks - this is my first post and I'm looking for opinions. I recently acquired the DVD "Ghostly Apparitions" by AtmosfearFX. On the Blog section of their site is a description of how to project the image onto a transparent fabric to create a Pepper's Ghost-type of effect. I'm curious if...
  15. Static: Pumpkinrot Inspired Prop! (Need Help)

    Halloween Props
    I'm a huge fan of Pumpkinrots work and i wanted to make something inspired by his props. The first thing that came to my mind was groundbreaker but i wasn't very interested. I decide to make a corpse scarecrow. Just a regular corpse cut off at the pelvis and surrounded by a bunch of sticks...
  16. Static: My PumpkinRot beginings

    Halloween Props
    Shot of ribcage. Night Blooming Jasmine vines to cover ribcage. Getting close to done.
  17. Pumpkinrot proportions?

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So if I build a 10' tall display, what size head compared to the body height is appropriate? Say 10' tall total, = a 3' diameter pumpkin? Thanks in advance!
  18. Lighting: Seven Layers of Scare

    Part of series: Seven Layers of Scare: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/528-seven-layers-scare.html Detailed look at layer five of Seven Layers of Scare.... Lighting Lighting (IMHO) is one of the most powerful but least appreciated elements in setting up a haunt. I've...
  19. Static: Pumpkins on stakes

    Halloween Props
    So, I'm kinda new to this forum, and I joined because I have a lot of ideas to improve my yard haunt and thought that by joining, I'd be inspired to get off my rump this summer and knock out a few projects for Halloween 2009. So here is an idea I've had since I first saw "Nightmare Before...