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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Don Post Pumpkinhead mask and hands. Rare factory sample. The studio was shut down before these went into mass production. Auction on eBay
    $0 USD
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi! I collect sci-fi & horror related things. A Pumpkinhead image brought me here.
  3. Halloween Props
    Since I have now posted my other 2 pneumatic props here is the first one I made.
  4. Halloween Props
    Opened The Haunted Garden last night! Was a great evening with lots of kids, families and screams! I managed to photograph some of the haunt and will wait to post the full photo shoot until after this weekend as i have another shoot to do tonight before we TAKE IT ALL DOWN for the hurricane. In...
  5. Halloween Props
    Skelly torso with plastic corpsification mounted on PVC pipe. Head made of paper mache & chickenwire, lit by a 20w low voltage landscape light. The stem has leaves & twisters just like a real pumpkin vine. Inside of the head was spray painted florescent orange.
  6. Halloween Props
    This year for Halloween I'm making My own verson of Jack the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare before Christmas. I even added a little bit of a Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow style to make him look scarier. Right now I'm figuring out how to put the Halloween Town sign behind his head and a "burning"...
1-6 of 6 Results