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  1. Fresh meat.

    Member Introduction
    Hi! I collect sci-fi & horror related things. A Pumpkinhead image brought me here.
  2. Pneumatic: Pumpkinhead Shaker

    Halloween Props
    Since I have now posted my other 2 pneumatic props here is the first one I made.
  3. Static: Giant PumpkinHead in all his Fog Breathing glory!

    Halloween Props
    Opened The Haunted Garden last night! Was a great evening with lots of kids, families and screams! I managed to photograph some of the haunt and will wait to post the full photo shoot until after this weekend as i have another shoot to do tonight before we TAKE IT ALL DOWN for the hurricane. In...
  4. Static: Evil Jack

    Halloween Props
    Skelly torso with plastic corpsification mounted on PVC pipe. Head made of paper mache & chickenwire, lit by a 20w low voltage landscape light. The stem has leaves & twisters just like a real pumpkin vine. Inside of the head was spray painted florescent orange.
  5. Prop Showcase: My New and Inproved Jack the Pumpkin King

    Halloween Props
    This year for Halloween I'm making My own verson of Jack the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare before Christmas. I even added a little bit of a Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow style to make him look scarier. Right now I'm figuring out how to put the Halloween Town sign behind his head and a "burning"...