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  1. Halloween Props
    What are y'all using to keep the lightweight pumpkins/JoLs in place in your yard? We tend to get a few windy days in October, so if they aren't heavy, they tend to move. The ones I have lights in are ok, since I can anchor the light cord
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    hi, I was wanting to do a classic costume, something that my grandma's childhood nextdoor neighbor probably wore, the sheet ghost costume. the problem is i am trying to find a way to spruce it up, and be more creative. I figured I can carve a pumpkin and wear it on my head, but don't know how to...
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    These are from a few years ago, but I still use them. I think I did them justice as an homage. Rot actually posted them on his blog, which was pretty cool for me. Probably not a lot to explain for the process, but I have some shots I took while making them. I started with a cheap plastic...
  4. Halloween Props
    Laying the final touches on this year's Halloween project. As usual, taking a lot more time and costing a lot more than planned :)
  5. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    70% off the Funkins at Joanns this week. I've never seen the price so low! Plus if you're on the email list theres a 20% off coupon
  6. For Sale By Merchants
    🎃🔥 Available For Sale 🔥🎃 You can make an order here : https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/If-You-Like-My-Pumpkins-You-Should-See-My-Pie-Classic-T-Shirt-by-ReBas/87504153.IJ6L0 .
  7. Pumpkin added caulk and spiderweb

    Added caulk and spiderweb and painted it black now all I need to do is drybrush orange
  8. Blacked out pumpkin

    Added caulk and spiderweb and painted it black now I need to drybrush orange
  9. Pumpkin

    Added caulk and spiderweb now now needs paint
  10. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi Everyone, I painted a Pennywise-themed Halloween pumpkin. I am interested in your opinion. I made a tutorial video. Please check the link down below. Have fun!
  11. Halloween Props
    I chose 2" PVC for "Lance"'s skeleton because he's gonna be 9' tall with heavy-ish hands on the ends of his arms. (Extra credit if you can work out why I'm calling my pumpkin headed scarecrow "Lance.") He'll eventually have 4 LED lights inside his head. I custom-made a clip for the 2" pipe...
  12. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello, I would like to share with you my new tutorial on youtube, it shows step by step how to make a paper-mache and paper-clay Halloween pumpkin. This is what it looks like at the end: Hope you'll like it, next tutorial will be a carnivorous plant with a big slobbery tongue!! ^^
  13. General Halloween
    Here we go again. All those with brave hearts and green thumbs climb on board for the 2020 pumpkin growers thread. Here we can discuss anything about our endeavors to grow pumpkins for the Halloween season. From the tiny mini-pumpkins to those tipping the scales at a ton, no pumpkin is out of...
  14. General Halloween
    Since there seems to be new merch ever year, I figured we'd get this one started for 2019. Any new Nightmare stuff people have spotted yet? It looks like Home Depot will be getting the Jack and Sally animatronics from Spirit (no word yet on whether they will be an improvement). There will...
  15. General Halloween
    Some say God is in the details. Others say it's the Devil. Obviously it's neither; in fact it's a skull... What you are seeing is a pumpkin leaf that has been partially eaten by snails then sun bleached white as it has decayed. The images have not been manipulated, color corrected or modified...
  16. Halloween Props
    Here is my best attempt to match Pumpkinrot's pumpkin sentinel: https://youtu.be/aEwMWXtHJf8
  17. General Halloween
    Hi, I'm looking to set a Jack O Lantern scene like the one at Haunted Mansion. Do you have recommendations on where to get them? Ebay seem a little spendy. Thanks.
  18. Halloween Props
    I want to make my first zombie bear/bunny as in attached pics. I just had a few basic questions: 1) What is the object being used for the eyes? 2) Securing the pumpkin teeth (for teeth and claws)...should I use hot glue? Contact cement? 3) Painting...looks like a bit of spray paint and...
  19. Halloween Props
    To whom is reading this. I need help with a project I am working on for this Halloween. First, a little about the prop. I build this pumpkin out of cast material. The same material the hospitals use when you brake a bone and cover the area with casting material. I started with a balloon and...
1-20 of 331 Results