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  1. Mechanical: Motion simulator

    Halloween Props
    Not sure if it was here or on the old interweb but I once came across a website that simulated motion. You could change stuff around like pulleys and bars and it would show the results. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Mechanical: Has your Donna The Dead lost her shimmy? This may solve it.

    Halloween Props
    I just received a Donna The Dead through eBay. The description said "she is a Halloween prop and although I will pack her well for you, in my experience, these items can fully work one day and partially work the next. Usually with a good swat on the back they work again! I haven't had any...
  3. Mechanical: Pulleys for FCG

    Halloween Props
    My box of pulleys seems to have gone rogue - anyone recommend a vendor or store? Building a Flying Crank Ghost.