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  1. Soundtracks. What are you using?

    Halloween Music
    We're going with "This Is Halloween" for ambient sound in the Graveyard. A combination of "Big Top Polka" switching to the Psycho Shower Scene at the climactic moment in the Walk-thru. We are resurrecting Psycho the Clown after an 8 year hiatus, and using a pair of Bose Wireless Speakers for...
  2. Sarah the Axe Killer

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for the DVD or File of Sarah the Axe Killer. I have looked everywhere eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and here last year. I have not been able to find anyone with this DVD or File. Please if you know of anyone with either, I would greatly appreciate the assistance in obtaining...
  3. re-vamping last years theme and advice for in the year 2020

    General Halloween
    My husband and I always try to stay with the Psycho redneck theme on accounta the hubs likes to use the word annual in the invites. We make it easy for people to participate in theme.( its easy to find over alls and camo at the local thrift) For 2015 we took a slight turn in the theme where the...
  4. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Wednesday 13, Godzilla, musicians roundtable, more

    Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW: Episode 107 Straight Psycho Virgil?? of course we are referring to our musical guests on the Roundtable of Terror, Marc Straight, Jimmy Psycho and Virgil Franklin, as the (g) hosts have a lively discussion with these musicians and composers, each with their own style of...
  5. "Psycho" Haunting Yard 2015, pics and (video coming soon!)

    General Halloween
    Hello Halloween lovers! Here are my pics for this year's display. I'm working on the video that I'll post in the moment I finish it with light effects and some people scaries. One person dressed like a police guided the TOT's thru the yard telling them the Psycho story (with a few adittions...
  6. Other: Bates Motel - Psycho related Haunt Yard. Brainstorming ideas please!

    Halloween Props
    Hello everybody! I know a lot of you have been making props already but I'm gonna start thinking right know. I'm not sure about the topic for next Halloween, maybe something related with Psycho. So I know I'm gonna built the Bates Motel neon sign, a dead mom in a chair and the shower scene...but...
  7. Psycho & double feature: Dracula & Spanish language Dracula in theaters 2015

    Horror Discussion
    Just a heads up for any classic horror/monster movie buffs... Turner Movie Classics and Fathom Events has teamed up and offering for the Hitchcock classic Psycho at limited theaters (please check for locations) on September 20th and 23, 2015...
  8. New BIG SCARY NEWS: All the latest, plus an exclusive interview with Jimmy Psycho

    Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 39 is now online! All the latest news, plus an EXCLUSIVE interview with Jimmy Psycho. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! http://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news/
  9. Asylum Haunters!

    General Halloween
    Hello I thought it would be cool if we had one post to all share anything and everything pertaining to Asylum’s. Home haunter's and pro haunter's, Please share your Asylum pictures, videos, props, story’s, links, finds, buys, etc… I’ll start with a few pictures from my 2012 haunt, Desoto...
  10. Psycho Mother Animated Halloween Prop

    For Sale By Merchants
    Perfectly preserved. This Mother slowly rocks back and forth as she contemplates your fate. Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor.All electric. You supply rocker. Soundtrack CD is included. You provide CD player. Costuming may vary. New for Halloween 2013! Shipping in Mid...
  11. Chainsaw for halloween?

    Halloween Props
    Hey, this year I want to play chainsaw psycho, and want to get a loud, scary as @#$# chainsaw that is safe. Is there a chainsaw that is meant for this? I saw the deluxe animated chainsaw, but I don't know if it is loud enough. Is there a special covering I need to use a real chainsaw?