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  1. Other: Prop protection

    Halloween Props
    What do you use to protect your props from rain?
  2. Prop protection

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Is there a product that I can spray on a prop to harden it?
  3. Family tomb spared by lava flow in Hawaii

    Off-Topic Stuff
    http://news.yahoo.com/family-headstone-spared-lava-hawaii-cemetery-070920475.html That's some serious ghostly protection...
  4. Mechanical: Are these parts compatible? (cauldron creep)

    Halloween Props
    I'm finishing up a cauldron creep and need to add the moving parts, lighting, magic. So, do the parts below work well together? HOSSEN® 37mm 12V 15RPM Electric Mini Geared Box DC Motor 220w power supply compaq ps62212c 2 leds RioRand (TM) 12V-40V 10A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller w/ Knob--High...