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  1. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Not sure where to put this post, but since its a prop, I figured I would post here. Any fellow Halloween forum members in the Tucson, Arizona area? I have a custom-made Halloween graveyard fence that I am offering for free to anyone willing to come by and pick up before March 16th or so. If I...
  2. General Halloween
    This is a really sad post! Due to the extreme wet weather in TX, I have not been able to put up my yard and it is the 26TH!!! :mad::mad::mad: It will be dry for the next few days , so am going to get the yard up over the weekend - HOWEVER there is a chance of Thunder storms on Halloween. How...
  3. General Halloween
    We canceled our Halloween Haunt / Display this year, due to concerns about Liability resulting from an Injury. We happen to live in a really nice 11 unit Town House / Condo complex, and "We" have decorated for years. Last year, we have one NUT CASE ( The guy is a Frigging Cancer to everyone )...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone! I know we all put in a lot of work every year to our props and haunts. So how do you protect yours?
  5. Halloween Props
    I have been trying to find a blacklight that can be used outdoors (waterproof), but haven't found one. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Or has anyone come up with a way to protect one from the rain and still be usable? Thanks!
  6. Halloween Props
    What do you use to protect your props from rain?
  7. General Halloween
    It looks like it will rain in our area on Halloween. We have several blacklights that we were planning on putting outside. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to protect them from the rain and still be able to use them? Also, I believe our fog machines should not get wet. Any suggestions...
  8. Halloween Props
    Snindigz has some nice indoor props, they refer to them as "standee's". Here's an example of one I'd like to use in the yard: http://www.shindigz.com/party/dying-to-party-directional-sign/pgp/14szksdps It's printed on cardboard, so there's no way it'll survive any moisture. I can attach it to...
1-8 of 8 Results