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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Morning all! Here is my somewhat delayed prop video, for last week that turned into this week! It's crazy what summer does to ones schedule! Regardless, next week is going to be a larger prop that I have been working on. I hope you all enjoy this fun build as we trudge ever close to...
  2. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Morning All! Another week, another prop. This one is really simple build, but more so a good medium to present a whole set of alchemy reagent labels I designed for free use! So Enjoy and download the labels, always nice to have themed elements for fleshing out a build.
  3. Wanted to Buy
    Hi All Does anyone have one of these for sale: https://www.grandinroad.com/yard-sea-monster/halloween-haven/top-25/1187495 If so would love to purchase and please get in touch. Thanks
  4. Wanted to Buy
    First of all, I'm going to say I'm lucky to own this absolutely charming "Goblin Dude" prop but he's getting very, very old (17-18?), cracking in the upper lip and lost his arms completely a couple of years ago due to very thin latex in spots. He's very dear to me and the thought of not having...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey all! Yet another tutorial on making halloween decor, this one being a large over the top spell tome, sized to be a centrepiece or noticed in almost any haunt or display. I find that while I enjoy smaller props, I hate how they get lost in a room. So you will see a trend of my props being...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello all! Just finished my tutorial and thought I would share as my first post on the forum! The final outcome turned out pretty darn nice and I think the style will fit into many different haunts/displays. It really is a two part video, with the first being the round shield in behind this...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hello haunters! For my first build of 2021 I made this skull lantern and I attempted to make a video out of the process. I had fun doing this, I hope it’s enjoyable and I would love feedback!
  8. Wanted to Buy
    Im looking for anyone willing to sell their horrordome flesheater demon. Been looking for it for years since I missed the original sale window, and I've looked everywhere.
  9. Halloween Props
    Any thoughts? 🥴 Made him with resin head and hands and silicone for blood and scars, his eyes are glass replica
  10. Halloween Props
    I recently came into a couple larger latex static props (the old Spirit halloween red demon and the demon with the cross). Now that Halloween is over I'm trying to figure out how to store them There have been quite a few posts on here about storage of props, and they all suggest to use...
  11. Halloween Props
    It was finally time to make a new Cauldron Creep. So here she is. The hardest part is getting the head to turn towards the onlookers as it looks up.
  12. Halloween Props
    I chose 2" PVC for "Lance"'s skeleton because he's gonna be 9' tall with heavy-ish hands on the ends of his arms. (Extra credit if you can work out why I'm calling my pumpkin headed scarecrow "Lance.") He'll eventually have 4 LED lights inside his head. I custom-made a clip for the 2" pipe...
  13. Halloween Props
    I thought I'd do a short thread pertaining to my minor mods for the Home Depot Gravedigger. I really like the height of this prop, as he tops out at over 6', with rather burly shoulders that lend an extra menacing stance. Since my theme is pirate / 18th century gothic, this prop's...
  14. Halloween Props
    So this is the cauldron i used for the Necromancer. I know many people have done this build with cardboard and tape but I needed mine to be more durable for the PNW SOOO i over built. I did a step by step for fun. This took a few weeks - MOSTLY drying and sanding to get right. The handles ARE...
  15. Wanted to Buy
    Hey ya'll! I'm looking to buy the old "Re-Animated Corpse" prop that was sold a few years back. I'm trying to set up a mad lab haunt next year, so I figured I may as well go ahead and start shopping around in preparation. The prop I'm looking for is this handsome fella-...
  16. Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever tried constructing a facade using PVC instead of wood? I’ve seen some amazing witches shack/swamp shack facades made from pallets and 2x4s but I’ve had a lot of success building figures and an arch from PVC and figured better the devil I know...My plan is to zip tie chicken wire...
  17. Halloween Props
    This is a thread dedicated to both mine and your(s) prop idea/s! Specifically, for what Spirit Halloween can do in the coming years. Some of these ideas might be some of yours, basically meaning they are similar. However, I tried to stay as original as I can be! Let's get some attention to this...
  18. Halloween Props
    I am told that these props are available at Michaels. The ones here are $199. there are smaller ones which are cheaper.
  19. Halloween Props
    Here Is my latest How-To video! Thanks for watching.
1-20 of 484 Results