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  1. Other: Need help on two props

    Halloween Props
    I have the CVS Headless Horseman and Demonica, I've notices that they both have been having issues and I figured this would be the place to ask.:( CVS Headless Horseman: Last Halloween I was doing last minute yard set up and put him out. Just as I was walking inside I heard his sound cut...
  2. Static: Suggestions on Making a Russian Missile

    Halloween Props
    I am having a Cold War Halloween party this year and would like to build a 12' Russian missile in my backyard. Thinking the diameter would be great at 24-36". I've looked into the Sonotube concrete forms and they are super pricey. The missile is only going to be viewed from the front, so I was...
  3. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Help?

    Halloween Props
    Does anybody know of a website, book, or YouTube video that is reliable and contains good instruction on the basics of pneumatics? I'm interested in learning and honestly have no clue where to start. Everything I've learned regarding prop and prosthetic appliance construction has been in YouTube...
  4. Mechanical: I'm in need of help to get a motor for my Axworthy(sp) Ghost

    Halloween Props
    So I have a flying ghost setup. I had it running last year. It was a large triangle with a distance in total of about 225 feet. I went through two sewing machine motors hooked up to a AC fan control switch. Just burnt through two of them. I'm looking for a little something more heavy duty...
  5. Disturbing Industries/Bunnyman Productions prop construction

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello, halloweenies! For the past 3 years I have been designing several different types of haunted attraction props, and I have been very successful. However, I cannot build for myself any of the props I have designed (and I don't use any form of professionally recognized engineering software, I...
  6. Hello and HELP from New Hampshire

    Member Introduction
    :confused:Hey all, I'm glad I found this site for dedicated fellow Haunters. i'm new to making animated props and will take any help / advise that's available. What can I do with a 2 horsepower motor to make a prop that can handle the tourque and power???? Obviously "cheap is good but free is...
  7. Electronic/Software: Motion Sensor Switch

    Halloween Props
    could i get a wiring diagram on how to wire up a switch like this... Its cheap and i need to run a wiper motor for a monster in a coffin prop when activated.